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  1. Drusas

    ENGL Savage 120 - Midi/Looper questions!

    Problem solved.
  2. Drusas

    NGD: GARY HOLT Bernie Rico Jr Vixen

    Most of that rep is simply from his last year when the business collapsed and he ended up screwing a ton of people out of $. Honestly, all the guitars up to that point, that I've played (maybe 10/10 or so), have been incredible. Pretty sad what happened.
  3. Drusas

    NGD: GARY HOLT Bernie Rico Jr Vixen

    Holy crap! I recognize that guitar. I got it directly from Holt a few years ago before sending it to Australia. I have his candy red vixen still, so congrats and welcome to the club brother!
  4. Drusas

    What's the deal with sharkfin inlays?

    sharkfin inlays are fine, as long as they're on a jackson V or RR.
  5. Drusas

    Post Your Band's Website! (myspace/facebook/youtube/etc.)

    Anyone who digs metal/thrash/death/blackenedthrash should check us out. We are just finishing up our first demo and here are two songs from it. Like us: Music:
  6. Drusas

    Post your most "Metal" pic of yourself and your 6!!!

    My band Suppressive Fire had it's first show last night. I'm on the left with the Bernie Rico Vixen, bottom pic is my custom painted LTD JH-600 Hanneman.
  7. Drusas

    Earthquaker Devices Monarch OD

    Used pedal, great condition. I think the serial number sticker on the back came off a bit due to velcro on/off but it's not particularly going to effect it's sound. Asking $100 shipped.
  8. Drusas

    ESP LTD V-350

    Seymour Bumpage
  9. Drusas

    Guitars That You Regret Selling/Trading

    My ESP Explorer.. All 3 of these.. Though, I have a different Gary Holt signature now so, that's not bad. Again, I have a different Eclipse-II now.. but jesus, this one sounded better.
  10. Drusas

    Disapointed at ESP

    The fine print can be a bitch when you don't read it. Probably should have asked yourself why someone who custom ordered an instrument, decided to sell it so soon.
  11. Drusas

    ESP LTD V-350

  12. Drusas

    ESP LTD V-350

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: ESP LTD V-350, custom refinished by local luthier and added EMG Hetset. Accessories (hardshell case etc): Case and Dunlop straplocks included Location (City,State or City,Country): Durham, NC, USA Contact Info (eBay or other forum userid)...
  13. Drusas

    LTD V-350 FR (custom finish) $650 shipped

    Bump for the 10 V lovers who may be hiding on this board somewhere.
  14. Drusas

    LTD V-350 FR (custom finish) $650 shipped

    Bump and price adjustment! My Tremoverb just went into the shop for repairs, need to move something. This guitar for the price is a pretty fine deal! Hit me up if interested.
  15. Drusas

    LTD V-350 FR (custom finish) $650 shipped

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: This guitar was painted by my small business company Valhall Guitars a few years back and it was one of the last that I kept from that time. The job is very professional and would normally cost at least $300. I know the photos show Seymour Duncans...
  16. Drusas

    Mesa Boogie 2:Fifty power amp and ENGL E530

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Both units are in great condition with very slight rack rash. I've used them for the last 6 months but recently switched to a Tremoverb which fits my style more. Accessories (hardshell case etc): Cases pictures are NOT included unless we work...
  17. Drusas

    Noise Gates not working?

    I once had a battery in my ISP die that I didn't know was in there since I run them on external power.. That made it not function correctly
  18. Drusas

    NGD: Schecter banshee 8 lefty passive

    Looks great, congrats!