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  1. marshallH

    What are you listening to?

    Two AWESOME bands I'm listening too are: Nexilva, a tech-death band from the uk (think born of Osiris and then make it extremely brutal$, and Slice the Cake, a progressive death core band that has an amazing 21 minute song called "the man with no face" with some awesome riffing.
  2. marshallH

    Who's In A Gigging Band?

    I'm in a punk band called the bad bagels that will randomly write a doom metal song and I'm also in a progressive death metal band that is kind of a joke band called recreational decapitation. Usually play with the bad bagels, never done a live show with recreational decapitation but I'm going...
  3. marshallH

    Longest set you've played?

    So my band's second gig (or rather first if you don't count our schools battle of the bands) is at a local run for autism and the set has to be...get this...two hours. I don't if it's just me but that seems CRAZY, but we are getting paid like $20 each and we get to support an awesome...
  4. marshallH

    HELP! My favorite guitar is buzzing super loud!

    This should be an easy fix, but I don't know what to do. I could switch out the pickup but the on,y pickup I currently have is 1981 Tim shaw paf and while that is an amazing $400 pickup it just happens to be broken and I don't want to buy a new one. Anyway, I know that it's the guitar and not...
  5. marshallH

    Are these dating sites getting a little ridiculous?

    So what if he's a furrie? Costumes are cool, as long as it's nit sexual. Granted I don't know anything about furries so there could be something awful I'm leaving out but I don't think so. On topic: Since dating site for almost EVERYTHING, wouldn't it be easier to have just one site with...
  6. marshallH

    Smaller tube amp recommendations

    Jet city JCA2112RC. Awesome low g in urunch and can up to to that awesome beefy dark soldano tone. Also has tube driven reverb. Better than a blackstar or tweaker IMO, and personally I think jet city makes the best amps below the $1000 price range. Kind of a bold statement but they really are...
  7. marshallH

    Krank being reborn?

    Specifically this:
  8. marshallH

    Krank being reborn?

    I would love to see some limited run heads with revolutionary/that general time period art on the baffles. There could be like a tiny badge in the corner or something. That would be AWESOME.
  9. marshallH

    Anyone here done an European tour?

    Well, I personally haven't since I'm only 16, but my dad went to Germany twice and to England. Both times in Germany several venues contacted him and offered them a place to stay for the night in return for playing a show. Basically like 8 bars said "hey your style of music is popular here come...
  10. marshallH

    Ukraine (sorry?)

    Russia's whole "we sent troops a them but we also didn't so it wasn't a war" thing reminds me of the kid who suddenly "isn't playing anymore" when something he doesn't like happens in a game. It's literally like they are going "it doesn't count we didn't shake on it" Way too much power in an...
  11. marshallH

    7 string songs in B

    B standard or drop B? If standard I like to play Empty by Emperor.
  12. marshallH

    Hot Deals/Auction/Craigslist/eBay Find Thread (Gear Only)

    I just bought a 60's or 70's vox "king wah" for $2 at a garage sale and I don't know if they are worth anything but I don't care because it is THE best sounding wah I have ever heard. Kirk Hammett would be jealous of my wah tone :lol:
  13. marshallH


    Yeah, my neighbors down the stree are fans of me. On halloween I carried my guitar up and down the block houses and played some sick punk solos for while my wrist was broken (luckily I had my cast designed so i could still play guitar perfectly fine, I could do everything except power chords)...
  14. marshallH

    Pedal guide to the ultimate sludge/doom/grind sound

    Pedal guide: buy a verellen Seriously, My local shop has a skyhammer for $1300 and im crying thinking about it because its probably gone now. On a more serious note, a marshall guvnor and a gibson scale guitar and your amps treble turned really low shoud be pretty good, depends on your style...
  15. marshallH

    Krank being reborn?

    I like the look. But I do own a jet city and a plexi.
  16. marshallH


    THIS But sometimes I get told my jazz sounds like the old Mario music and my chromatic tritones sound lie, "the sound when you die" and I have to say I kind of agree :lol:
  17. marshallH


    I'm probably one the best guitarists at my high school that I know, and I really don't mean to brag, but people always seem more interested in people can sing. Seriously, I remember one time at camp me and this girl both had guitars, and I was playing this really dark folk piece i wrote in 6/8...
  18. marshallH

    The best Djent insult / compliment / joke I have received

    Yesterday I was taking a live sound 101 class and we were learning about when to use active di's and he said "dj turntables, bands with computers, multiple bassists..." And before he could finish I said "Nerdy djent bands!" Pretty funny. Djent is great though, hard to set up for a gig though...
  19. marshallH

    The best Djent insult / compliment / joke I have received

    I actually did that in drop B but I don't have a very tight tone, just a TINY practice space.