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  1. Fred the Shred

    Andy James no longer with Kiesel???

    Same in Portuguese. :lol:
  2. Fred the Shred

    NGD: Kramer vs Kramer [Nightswan Content]

    Oh nice! You scored a nice couple of unicorns there!
  3. Fred the Shred

    Suhr Modern Plus or Mayones Duvell Elite or Caparison?

    Correct color scheme chosen. I approve!
  4. Fred the Shred

    Suhr Modern Plus or Mayones Duvell Elite or Caparison?

    Definitely - as much as I liked the great ones I could find, it was really in that Gibson territory where you needed to go hunt for a good one. It was not in that territory where I'd feel confident buying blind for a while.
  5. Fred the Shred

    Suhr Modern Plus or Mayones Duvell Elite or Caparison?

    I prefer Caparisons out of those. "Prefer" being the key word here, as they're all great guitars, to be fair. I disagree with the acessment of Caparison being overpriced in regards to their quality, especially at this point. As stated before though, earlier Caparison guitars are not as...
  6. Fred the Shred

    Show Me Your Caparison Thread

    Those are neat workhorses. Quite like them!
  7. Fred the Shred

    Switching instruments, quitting guitar

    Synths have all the possibilities in the world, but they do not give you the same sounds and vibe of a guitar. Downsize the rig for synth stuff? Sure, why not! But this talk of synths making other instruments obsolete has been around for many decades now and never came close to being a reality -...
  8. Fred the Shred

    Show Me Your Caparison Thread

    The Horus is my go-to guitar most of the time. I love that it's a 24,75" scale and that the neck doesn't feel tiring at all to play over long periods of time. The 27 frets are a bit down to individual preference - I use them in my tapping antics, others don't. I quite like the stock pickups, to...
  9. Fred the Shred

    Vik Duality 8 string run *CLOSED RUN*

    Needless to say, I have not been paid what I'm owed. My shock and surprise are of course endless.
  10. Fred the Shred

    Is NAMM still worth going to?

    It used to be great, really, but I speak as someone doing demos and jams and whatnot, which will obviously color my perception of the event. It was absolutely exhausting due to the rather rough and incredibly fun evenings with friends and colleagues (things such as "just this one beer" or "let's...
  11. Fred the Shred

    Aristides Tone

    Tonally I tend to agree with what was send here - they have this deep yet defined low end to them and a certain scoop to the upper mid bit with thinks picking back up on the treble side and keeping a fair amount of snap. I love using midrange heavy pickups on them as it provides a solid starting...
  12. Fred the Shred

    Wintersun's Groundhog's Day Thread

    I love the 4 albums argument as a way to somehow imply he keeps busy with productive writing and recording sessions. "Man, you haven't released anything in ages." "Oh, I've been working in 7.25 albums at once." "Looking forward to hearing that in 23 years." This wouldn't bother me in the...
  13. Fred the Shred

    Show Me Your Caparison Thread

    I love that thing. It’s such a phenomenal guitar!
  14. Fred the Shred

    Show Me Your Caparison Thread

    Current Capas minus a Dellinger that’s getting some bridge maintenance so here’s Chucky instead! :lol:
  15. Fred the Shred

    Speculation is getting out of hand...

    Even then, most professional musicians up to a point where they can afford to go "fuck it, why not?" with fancy instruments that really offer no objective advantages over their usual go-to guitars tend not to be sucked into that kind of thing all that much. It's always been like this ever since...
  16. Fred the Shred

    Have you ever been disappointed in a band after you saw them live?

    Wimp! Poser! Leave the Hall! Ahem... I was disappointed a few times, mostly by either poor attitude from the band or rather shoddy execution, as in "we are barely able to play the same song together". Warts or something not being absurdly tight doesn't tend to annoy me at all, but the band not...
  17. Fred the Shred

    NGD Aristides H06R

    I bet you ordered another one just to show them, huh?!
  18. Fred the Shred

    Dino Cazares Guitars

    Endorsements are based on popularity of the artists and their probability of boosting sales, not some sort of exhaustive analysis of technical and expressive merits. You being visible and give their gear good visibility in a certain market is what matters. Having said this, Dino has a mean...
  19. Fred the Shred

    Vik Duality 8 string run *CLOSED RUN*

    Even if geography wasn't a thing, I doubt risking jailtime even if I was to completely toss aside my feelings regarding the whole "take justice into one's own hands" take on such matters would be a wise course of action.
  20. Fred the Shred

    Vik Duality 8 string run *CLOSED RUN*

    So, in what is the latest installment of this riveting saga, it was apparently not possible to use a) the company Paypal account b) his own Paypal account and now we're down to c) wiring the money to my account. Considering the guitar was sold to his customer in late August, I am of course...