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  1. Scar Symmetry

    Adam A3X

    Bump up :)
  2. Scar Symmetry

    ESP LTD MH-1000

    Bump up :)
  3. Scar Symmetry

    Adam A3X

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 10/10 condition Adam A3X monitors. Serviced in Germany in 2012 so it's had newer parts fitted, would imagine more robust than factory parts but I don't want to say for sure! Modifications (if any): Other than servicing N/A Accessories (hardshell...
  4. Scar Symmetry

    ESP LTD MH-1000

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 9/10 quality, missing both knobs but otherwise pretty sound. Modifications (if any): N/A Accessories (hardshell case etc): Free case worth £100! Location (City,State or City,Country): Bristol, UK International OK?: No, sorry Contact Info (No...
  5. Scar Symmetry

    Godzilla 2014

    Yeah... this. Bryan Cranston is awesome, but had a very basic script to work with. Once the focus shifts from him, the film takes a big downturn IMO. The second half of the film was Swiss cheese in terms of plotholes. 5/10
  6. Scar Symmetry

    Anyone here bench, lift weights, etc?

    I've found that when I do shit like this I actually end up appreciating the time off :lol: I've just had to take 5 weeks off due to personal reasons but as of next week I am going to be back on my upper body (lower body is in pretty good shape) like ....kkkk :evil: From earlier this year I...
  7. Scar Symmetry

    Anyone here bench, lift weights, etc?

    Made excellent gains/fat loss this past week. Only had one day off since Sunday (Thurs) and gonna try keep it up when I'm back to work. Would be a shame to lose this momentum! Had to split some body parts over two sessions due to reasonable waiting times and availability of equipment, I find it...
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    NFL Football 2013-2014

  9. Scar Symmetry

    The GTA V Thread

    Soooooo f*cking excitedddd!!!! :hbang:
  10. Scar Symmetry

    You guys watching Breaking Bad?

    Aug 25th episode was incredible but found Sep 1st episode lame. Sunday's episode consisted of low-level poorly written twists, but it was never going to be as good as last weeks which was wall to wall brilliance! How many episodes left? Shit's gonna get nuts :popcorn:
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    Ben affleck is the new batman

    I look forward to it. I'm going to watch the damn movie before I cast any judgement.
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    NGD - Waghorn Deity 7

    Tone's alright too.
  13. Scar Symmetry

    The last of us by Naughty dog

    This game is incredible. The story, voice acting, graphics and gunplay are all top notch. The best from each category I've seen in a game! Can't wait for the Naughty Dog next gen release.
  14. Scar Symmetry

    Born of Osiris MegaThread! - All things BoO

    Sounds like Guitar Pro files from 2004.
  15. Scar Symmetry

    Xbox One

    Microsoft are the Internet's bitch. Eventually the Internet will win every argument. This is a good day for modern history.
  16. Scar Symmetry

    Anyone here bench, lift weights, etc?

    Trained legs with a PT yesterday. Never knew I could dig so deep! Felt great. So hooked on the gym right now, it's become my new addiction.
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    Apparently, according to Facebook this is nowhere as important as Game of Thrones. People are idiots, man. :wallbash:
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    Bioshock Infinite

    I currently rate them: BioShock Infinite, BioShock, BioShock 2. The latter just felt like an add-on with no new ideas. It wasn't exciting in any way and it couldn't on it's best day stand shoulder to shoulder with the original. Most of Infinite I've thought BioShock was still king but I'm now at...
  19. Scar Symmetry

    Bioshock Infinite

    This game is goddamned amazing. Thankyou, Irrational Games.
  20. Scar Symmetry

    Xbox One

    Also, Bonnie Ross is hot.