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  1. Scruffy1012

    NPD: The rig just got real.

    Board turned out killer, nice one!
  2. Scruffy1012

    Esp Roope Latvala (GO) and Ibanez Prestige Rg2228a (AUS)

    replied to all pm's, Roope pending sale.
  3. Scruffy1012

    Esp Roope Latvala (GO) and Ibanez Prestige Rg2228a (AUS)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Roope is Mint, the Ibanez has some rust on the bridge and the Lundgren pickup and some dents (pictured). Modifications (if any): Ibanez has Lundrgen M8 in the bridge. Accessories (hardshell case etc): Both come with hardcase and case candy. Location...
  4. Scruffy1012

    NGD! LTD JR-608 Javier Reyes Sig

    She is a beauty man, HNGD!
  5. Scruffy1012

    NGD: Electra Omega Prime

    Nice man, she is a beaut! HNGD!
  6. Scruffy1012

    NGD 8 string Santos.

    She is gorgeous, HNGD!
  7. Scruffy1012

    NGD: Ibanez JBM-100

    She i a beaut, HNGD!
  8. Scruffy1012

    NGD - Caparison TAT Special 7! (belated)

    Nice capa man, she is a beaut, nice rig as well :D, HNGD!
  9. Scruffy1012

    DNAD: VHT Pittbull Ultra-Lead & Bogner Uberschall

    Very nice man, two killer amps! HNAD!
  10. Scruffy1012

    NGD: Kiesel V7

    Looks perfect, HNGD!
  11. Scruffy1012

    NGD: Mayones Setius GTM 7 (Shiny Content!)

    She is a beauty, HNGD!
  12. Scruffy1012

    NGD: Finally! My 1st Ibanez

    Looks amazing, HNGD!
  13. Scruffy1012

    NPD x 2: Delay overload Redux + 1

    solid pedals, HNPD mayne :D!
  14. Scruffy1012

    NGD: ESP Eclipse (personal holy grail)

    She is a beaut, HNGD man!
  15. Scruffy1012

    NGD: back to the 8. RG8

    Nice score man, HNGD!
  16. Scruffy1012

    NGD: RG852MPB

    Very nice man, HNGD!
  17. Scruffy1012

    NGD Ibanez RG3120

    Been gassing for one of these for ages, such a nice top, HNGD!
  18. Scruffy1012

    NGD: From Southern California by the Specific Ocean

    Nice score man, she is a beaut, HNGD!