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  1. Murdstone

    New Drinkwater Raptor 8-Sting, only $1400?

    I think I was OAF003, this statement makes me happy.
  2. Murdstone

    I must be getting old- Death Metal isn't what it used to be

    Whatchu got against Blood Mantra :squint:
  3. Murdstone

    Krallice - Hyperion (2016, Progressive Black Metal)

    Good thing I checked their bandcamp again, looks like another album dropped in late December. Didn't see anything about it here. Check it out.
  4. Murdstone

    T.V. shows you've been watching

    3% on Netflix. Really cool show.
  5. Murdstone

    Star War Rogue One

    Did anybody over the age of 14 actually think K2SO was funny?
  6. Murdstone Challenge 3: Cycling to the Moon!

    Here are some miles since my last post. Total: 102921 km = 63,952 miles
  7. Murdstone

    Behold The Arctopus - Cognitive Emancipation (2016, Tech, Avant-Garde, Warr Guitar)

    Same boat. For me it's the lack of jazzy Warr breaks and ambiance that were included in some songs off the first two releases. I'm going to check this one out momentarily.
  8. Murdstone

    Borderlands Megathread - All things Borderlands

    I'd hit you up but I'm on Xbone. OP6 now. The thing I don't really love about the OPs is having to find the newest version of your weapon just to finish the next level without wanting to kill yourself. I just want to get to OP8 so I can farm and end up keeping the weapon I spent so long getting.
  9. Murdstone

    Borderlands Megathread - All things Borderlands

    Don't worry about it, your weapons become useless very quickly once you start UVHM unless you're getting carried by a Harold or the like.
  10. Murdstone

    Borderlands Megathread - All things Borderlands

    I've been grinding BL2 lately. OP5 Maya right now mainly with a new Salvador and Zero in TVHM.
  11. Murdstone

    Meshuggah Megamushthread!!

    Which one of you lunatics is working on the Monstro solo?
  12. Murdstone

    Neurosis new album Fires Within Fires Video Trailer

    Little lackluster on first listen. I'm missing the Purify/We All Rage in Gold/"somewhat longer song with dope outro" of this album.
  13. Murdstone

    So how do you feel about Hula Girls?

    It's gotta be tiring being offended all the time.
  14. Murdstone

    New Gorguts! Pleiades’ Dust out May 13

    I'll probably try to make that Mesa show just to make bedroom eyes at Luc.
  15. Murdstone

    Pokemon Go

    From you, maybe. If it's getting kids to go outside and walk or bike around then it's better than most other attempts in the last few years. Eat a dick.
  16. Murdstone

    Official (?) E3 2016 thread

    Oh man it's been decades I can't believe they're finally remastering that old relic Skyrim rather than putting their effort into a new game.
  17. Murdstone

    New Sunn O))) album releasing December 4th

    Yeah I could've done without most of Attila's gurgling as well but it was still a hell of a performance. Especially the sharp mirror purple lasery bits.
  18. Murdstone

    So my band has the same name as a rapper..advice?

    I'd just go with Alchemy. There are two of them on Encyclopedia Metallum but they're inactive. Still probably common in other genres however.
  19. Murdstone

    Spider bite

    If that's a recluse you're going to be leaking some pleasant ooze for a while.