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  1. Groff

    Sometimes I Just Want It To End!

    Dusting off this account to reply. Just this friday I finished a 3 year stint seeing a therapist. I cannot recommend therapy enough. You may have to try different therapists if ones not working out (took me 2 tries to find one I liked). I went from a broken and beaten wreck of a person to...
  2. Groff

    FS Recto Randall threadplate module mts rm syngery

    If this is still around on Thursday I'll take it.
  3. Groff

    Line 6 Relay G30 wireless system

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Wireless transmitter/receiver Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): Original Box Location (City,State or City,Country): NJ, USA International OK? : Yes, but must pay extra shipping Contact Info: PM here References (eBay...
  4. Groff

    NGDx2: Parker Fly (Flies?) Deluxe

    Damn son. Those are in great shape.
  5. Groff

    8-string players, be afraid: Musiclab RealEight 8-string guitar Vsti

    Depends on how much auto tune they need to make their singer incapable of live performance.
  6. Groff

    S7G Strictly 7 Guitars NAMM 2015 Thread

    It looks like a businessman falling to his death after a botched trade.
  7. Groff

    NGD: '00 S520WNF MIJ (Jason Becker Content)

    I like the "Grandma's Dresser" finish on this guitar.
  8. Groff

    NM(odded)GD: SC-207 w/ Neck Pickup (56k - Will Djent, unforuntately)

    Wow! It looks like a completely different guitar. I remember hating the middle EMG pickup when I played that guitar. ...So in the way. Nice work Randycakes!
  9. Groff

    NGD: RG7420 "Stone" Finish (56k - H'okay!)

    That color REALLY fits you!
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  12. Groff

    In Memoriam - A thread to commemorate the fallen members that you miss.

    :wub: I still poke around. Don't do forums much anymore.
  13. Groff

    Randy and Groff's 400 page conversation

    I slept in his bed two nights in a row, does that count for anything? I also had breakfast with his sister.
  14. Groff

    Randy and Groff's 400 page conversation

    Because he's on neither :lol: I'm never on IM, but he's rarely on that.
  15. Groff

    Is it "pedantic" to be "annoyed" by the "incorrect" use of quotation "marks" "?"

    :) The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks
  16. Groff

    Can I use my guitar cable to plug into my keyboard...?

    If it has a 1/4" jack in it, go right ahead!
  17. Groff

    NGD Schecter Content

    Man I want one of these things so bad. Sure as hell don't need it, but fuck are they sexy!
  18. Groff

    Lexicon MX200

    Fucking finally sold! :lol:
  19. Groff

    Lexicon MX200

    $80??? Will anyone take this for $80??? That's almost half what I've seen them on eBay for......
  20. Groff

    Lexicon MX200