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  1. Manurack

    The Best V Guitar Of All Time.

    Dave Mustaine's ESP Custom Shop half burst black and silver Flying V looks PHENOMENAL on the Megadeth That One Night in Buenos Aires dvd!
  2. Manurack

    Torn between EMG's or SD Black Winters in my ESP guitars

    Go with passives my man. No battery changes and they always sound amazing when you plug in.
  3. Manurack

    Any Sweepers Here? Sweep Arpeggios Content

    Show me your sweep arpeggios videos! I have practiced them for ten years, it was a BITCH to learn em slowly and I got frustrated many times... But with practice and repetition, it became easy. I ain't Rusty Cooley, Yngwie J Malmsteen, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman nor Jeff Loomis - I'm Manok...
  4. Manurack

    Constant hum after "rebuild"

    Check all of the wiring to make sure everything is grounded properly. But then again, cables break and cause a grounding issue. Could be the cable between your guitar and amp, it could be any of the cables between your pedals. Check them all.
  5. Manurack

    Why have Dean guitars seemed to have fallen so far out of the spotlight?

    Their blue burl top finishes... 🤮🤮🤮 Also, the company probably shit the bed once Kerry King was endorsed by em :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Manurack

    Dealbreakers. What are yours?

    Neon green or hot pink superstrats... Doesn't matter if the guitar plays well. If I really loved how well the guitar plays? I'd buy it, sand it down myself and do a wood stain on it with Tung oil.
  7. Manurack

    Dealbreakers. What are yours?

  8. Manurack

    None of the big four thrash bands have ever played Ibanez

    Kirk Hammett did on the 1992 Live Shit: Binge and Purge San Diego concert! He beat the shit out of that Ibanez then his guitar tone improved greatly with his trusty old ESP signature super Strat!
  9. Manurack

    Design your dream guitar!

    I used the Halo guitars app about ten years ago and made this. Super Strat body with a Gotoh fixed bridge, two gold covered humbuckers, all gold hardware with a rosewood 22 fret fretboard. And now, my Ibanez RG 3EX1 with a koa top looks almost identical! Here's a solo I wrote in 2019 with...
  10. Manurack

    I'm Not Crying, You're Crying! Marty Friedman with Megadeth content.

    I remember watching a Lamb of God documentary, Walk With Me in Hell and my guitar hero Mark Morton explained that the crowd at Loudfest in Japan would be really excited, then the song is over and they just clap their hands and the party's over :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. Manurack

    I'm Not Crying, You're Crying! Marty Friedman with Megadeth content.

    Marty Friedman back onstage performing with Megadeth after 23 years! My favorite Marty Friedman solo in the ENTIRE Megadeth catalog of music - Tornado of Souls! Not going to lie, but I cried a bit seeing Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman playing together onstage again. Marty Friedman NAILED...
  12. Manurack

    When does tinnitus stop being cool and start being sad?

    Back in 2015/2016 I used to have low rumbling in both of my ear drums and as a musician? I was scared that I was going to go deaf... Like I couldn't fucking fall asleep because it sounded like somebody pounding on the low big Tom drums of a drum kit in my ears! Then it went away on its own and...
  13. Manurack

    Slagduster. Anyone heard of em?

    One of my friends got me into Slagduster a few years back. Fucking INSANE thrash metal band from Grand Forks, British Columbia! I love their material. If you like crazy intricate metal riffs? You'll like this band. And no, I'm not in the band, just showing people a cool band from the West...
  14. Manurack

    What's your regional genre?

    Slagduster, from Grand Forks, British Columbia! They're a fucking GREAT thrash metal band with crazy intricate riffs!
  15. Manurack

    Ibanez RG to Lundgren

    I'd take a multimeter to each wire to find the "hot" wire with the Lundgrens.
  16. Manurack

    Strap locks - preferences?

    Shallers on my strats and Dunlop on my Les Paul. I tried the Dunlop on my Ibanez RG, but it looked so weird, so I put Shallers on it. I've never liked the DiMarzio cliplocks because I think they look tacky and stupid.
  17. Manurack

    Video Game Collecting/Your Latest Pickups

    I forgot that I also have Street Fighter II on my Xbox 360 as well. That game is a lot harder than I remember, harder than Mortal Kombat. Has anyone else watched the Street Fighter movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme? That movie was horrible back then and I heard Van Damme was high on coke the...
  18. Manurack

    Video Game Collecting/Your Latest Pickups

    I have Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic that I was able to buy on the Xbox marketplace, I fucking love that game when you're able to choose whether to go down the Light side or Dark side of the Force. I've always gone down the Dark side of the Force lol Knights of the Old Republic is great...
  19. Manurack

    Dino Cazares Guitars

    Dude does have a mean right hand. Check this out after he was done with Fear Factory, I was blown away by how tight he is with his playing. Divine Heresy - Failed Creation.
  20. Manurack

    Dino Cazares Guitars

    Head's double neck was sick, 7 string on the bottom and 14 string on the top! It had to be a Custom Shop build.