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  1. Captain Shoggoth

    Wintersun's Groundhog's Day Thread

    I've groused more than enough times in this thread about how much I love the S/T then have been increasingly disappointed by everything since in terms of both musical output and real-world buffoonery. So here's me doing 2 solos from the S/T on a 7WA wireless amp during a blizzard the other week
  2. Captain Shoggoth

    Dealbreakers. What are yours?

    Lack of inlays - makes a huge difference live - satin painted (ie not natural) finishes, 20" radii
  3. Captain Shoggoth

    What is The Lexus of Guitars?

    Given as you've actually specified Explorer my easy recom would be any of the Schecter E-1 models or the Jackson Jeff Loomis sig, plus cost of a setup. Hardware and pickups will be great out of box on any of the above. 24 fret HSH Explorer is the king of specs, but no such production thing...
  4. Captain Shoggoth

    New Jackson Rhoads 7 Mark Heylmun (Suicide Silence) signature

    Vs are maximalist, and 7>6. More is more. If anything I want production floyd V8s. With gold hardware :agreed:
  5. Captain Shoggoth

    New Jackson Rhoads 7 Mark Heylmun (Suicide Silence) signature

    Oh fuck yeah, that is dope. You can see on the rear I think they've approximated the "invisible" fret access cutaway from his CS as well. I'm the exact target demo for this... if I hadn't just bought an E-II Arrow 7 hahahahaha. Definitely would have bought one of these if I hadn't.
  6. Captain Shoggoth

    Sevenstring forumites song collaboration?

    Came here to say this haha. I'm down.
  7. Captain Shoggoth

    FS Daemoness Hadian Black Beauty (UK)

    Awesome build, insane price. I'm broke and in Leeds but have signal boosted this, hopefully you find a buyer soon!
  8. Captain Shoggoth

    Wintersun's Groundhog's Day Thread

    The S/T is melodeath taken to its logical conclusion in terms of bombast/pomposity, with some of the best metal solos of the 21st century, easily. The lesson since then is that there was no further that that sound could be taken, as evinced by Jari's subsequent output either sucking ass or being...
  9. Captain Shoggoth

    NGD - Custom Daemoness ML

    WOW an incredible instrument, not a single thing about it I'd change. This really does the ML shape justice. Sorry to hear about your health troubles; whatever happens you will always have bragging rights for this absolutely fucking bulletproof spec mate
  10. Captain Shoggoth

    ESP Owners Club-Show Us Your ESPs!

    Gave the Arrow some detailing with a mix of spare parts lying around, extortionate FR push-in arm, and some titanium FU-Tone bits. Also a Schaller Sure Claw although not really evincable beyond the hole I drilled in the backplate Purple quilt with a maple board is always killer. Sensational!
  11. Captain Shoggoth

    ESP Owners Club-Show Us Your ESPs!

    It's a very nice guitar. I can see what people mean about it being the best iteration of the offset V; definitely feels ergonomically enhanced vs the Rhoads. I do wish ESP would use Gotoh trems instead of the OFR though. FWIW I bought used directly from Ishibashi in Tokyo, who were also selling...
  12. Captain Shoggoth

    ESP Owners Club-Show Us Your ESPs!

    Arrived this morning, my first ESP of any kind. Cheers to @narad for the advice buying used from Japan. Time for some gold mods I think
  13. Captain Shoggoth

    Post Your GAS

    Update: welp
  14. Captain Shoggoth

    Post Your GAS

    Found one of these for a good price, psyched myself up to pull the trigger, went to do it but the store's a dud 😭 Glad I didn't get scammed but still, heartbroken. Having horrific rebound ideas, like spending twice as much for the one on Reverb, or thrice as much on one of these:
  15. Captain Shoggoth

    Ergonomics of widely fanned frets

    I have a 26-29" 8; I can make my way around it comfortably enough for rhythms but I'm a big lead player, & on that account I wouldn't personally do a fan bigger than 2" in future. You'll be able to acclimatise fine, my main guitar before that was a 24.75" 6-string, but YMMV long-term
  16. Captain Shoggoth

    WTB Jackson RRX24-7 (Duncan Designed)

    Long shot but looking for this cheapo 2010s import model. Gloss black, neckthru, laurel fingerboard, Duncan Designed humbuckers, Floyd Special. Happy to pay up to around 400 GBP/USD I'm in the UK but open to international sellers provided shipping is reasonable.
  17. Captain Shoggoth

    Best of the Genre, Worst of the Genre

    SSO-core, djent, ERG-core, whatever. Best: Worst: Nah, Thrasher lives rent-free in my head, awesome tune. Really captures being in a crusty pit in the North of England better than anything else. I like that Yellowcard album too so clearly my taste is questionable :lol:
  18. Captain Shoggoth

    For Those Who are Younger, How Relevant is Metallica?

    Apologies, I was using the term flippantly to refer to gen-Xers in the main (plus some of the very youngest actual boomers, and the very oldest milennials). The middle-aged! If they love metallica, so do their kids lol
  19. Captain Shoggoth

    For Those Who are Younger, How Relevant is Metallica?

    26 here. If we mean young as in 16-26 (conveniently), the way I see it: -young guitar guys with boomer guitar dads LOVE metallica -a large casual listening audience (think pop artists, rappers, kids scrolling on tiktok) admires them almost as a concept or lifestyle brand, with 1 or 2 songs...