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  1. anthonyferguson challenge: 1 Billion KG Powerlifts

    Holy .... only just come across this thread. Yesterday: Squat 137.5 x 3 142.5 x 2 105 paused ATG x 3 Deficit Deadlift 120 x 8 Today: Squat 60 x 5 80 x 5 100 x 5 Bench press (70 x 6) x 3 Total: 4432.5 kg / 9751.5 lbs 1,054,034.4 kg / 2326645.2 lbs
  2. anthonyferguson

    Cheap hihats?

    I've got a stagg DH set, from what I've heard they're quite hit and miss but the ones I've got are absolutely awesome. I managed to pick up an ex-demo set for next to nothing off ebay, but they're not exactly absurdly expensive new.
  3. anthonyferguson

    Multiscale Adventures

    Good point. Pickup allowing. As you can see I ballsed up slightly and had to have a straight pickup so the closer to the bridge the better for that one... Hence perpendicular fret at the 12th. But yes were I to do take two, ideally I'd probably bias it slightly for playability's sake.
  4. anthonyferguson

    Anyone here bench, lift weights, etc?

    yes sirree. I don't know if they ship worldwide, but belts are IPF approved and stuff. Also when I eventually have my own place and set up my own gym I'll be getting everything from there!
  5. anthonyferguson

    Multiscale Adventures

    I have 25.5-27.5 on my 8 string. Definitely grateful for that extra half inch in the bottom register. Doesn't feel unnatural either, but it does have a flat fretboard and no head. Try a mock up on a piece of hardboard or something maybe for a bit of a visual? N.B the zip tie is no longer a...
  6. anthonyferguson

    Anyone here bench, lift weights, etc?

    For you UK folks looking for belts etc, I can recommend this. Got one recently and the quality is top dog. I know a lot of folks who have got stuff from strengthshop (shoes in particular) and swear by it...
  7. anthonyferguson

    Anyone here bench, lift weights, etc?

    Recently got a 140 kgx3 on squat. 180 kg deadlift, but far too embarrassed by my bench. I only weigh 67 though so hopefully if I just eat more it'll get in line with the other lifts...
  8. anthonyferguson

    Pan pedal help!!

    Hey guys, been a while since I posted. I'm trying to mod a wah pedal to blend my signal between two setups variably. I've tried to extrapolate the necessary info I need from a basic blend circuit backwards, I.e one input and two outputs. Can a genius tell me what I've done wrong? I'm getting...
  9. anthonyferguson

    Tips for a beginner Spend a bit of time watching Elliott's videos. If I'm losing direction or motivation, an hour or so of watching him talk tends to get me excited to go and lift again. DEADLIFTS!
  10. anthonyferguson

    Anyone here bench, lift weights, etc?

    Cheers for that man. I'm definitely going to full depth... Haven't been squatting at particularly high percentages of 1rm, just quite a lot of volume. Been concentrating on my form a lot so hopefully I'm not doing any damage through that. Might have been the box jumps I was doing recently...
  11. anthonyferguson

    Anyone here bench, lift weights, etc?

    set a new deadlift PR this week, 155kg (341lbs for you imperial folk). I like to think I'm doing ok for 67kg (just under 150) bodyweight. That along with some pretty brutal squatting. Been doing 5-3-1 but working away and stuff have sort of scuppered my routine which is very annoying... Hoping...
  12. anthonyferguson

    SikTh UK Tour Announced

    see you in newcastle
  13. anthonyferguson

    Can you guys show me some unique materials /building techniques.

    I did an aluminium/wood bizarre hybrid a few years back
  14. anthonyferguson

    Boris appreesh. thread

    Aaaargghhhh amplifier worship. One of my fave albums. The point at which my music taste diverged thank ..... Otherwise I might still have been playing the same 3 albums on repeat.
  15. anthonyferguson

    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    I dunno man... Don't forget you have rights to your own life. She doesn't dictate what you can and can't do, and if it isn't working there's not much either of you can do to stop that. Prolonging the situation certainly won't, and if moving out is what's going to help both of you move on (and...
  16. anthonyferguson

    Show Me Your Bass!

    SO CLOSE but it won't be mine so it doesn't really count So my ibanez GiO will have to do for now
  17. anthonyferguson

    Play any unusual instruments?

    oboe and cor anglais. Pretty unusual i suppose
  18. anthonyferguson

    American Dialect Survey

    Interesting you're most similar to the closest bit to Ireland...
  19. anthonyferguson

    Track critique-proggy metal something or other

    Wow thanks man, really helpful input! I was totally thinking along the same lines regarding the intro. Hope you liked the rest of it too. Yeah the speech from the great dictator just fits so well with the vibe of the album and the concept. We want to expand that a bit more. Used it in the final...