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  1. Ram150023

    HELP!! Made the jump... Missing anything?

    Honestly... Its the "kindergarten" version I need... Brand new to this world. I will dig deep into the settings on the Pod unit... Explore what she can offer. Again... The $$ was right not to pick up the extra gates for giggles. Speaking of... A stand alone EQ...? Needed or just extra thats...
  2. Ram150023

    HELP!! Made the jump... Missing anything?

    What about putting a gate between the Pod and the computer? Put the Alesis (compressor / gate) infront of the Pod and the Behringer (expander / gate) after it? Any benefits? Drawbacks? The more knowledge... The better armed...
  3. Ram150023

    HELP!! Made the jump... Missing anything?

    I went after the extra gates because of the research I had done. Virtually EVERYONE that had an opinion and /or set up thread or youtube vid highly suggested a gate before the modeler. Get rid of extra noise right from the get go. Plus reading on trying to "hone the tone"... gates and...
  4. Ram150023

    HELP!! Made the jump... Missing anything?

    Another prolly stoopid question... The behringer XR4400 I have is a 4 channel Expander / noise gate. The Alesis 3630 is a 2 channel Compressor / Noise gate. Honestly I was after the noise gate function as this is a big influence on the sound / tone im chasing... and happened to win both off...
  5. Ram150023

    HELP!! Made the jump... Missing anything?

    Ok so from what i gather... Unless I have a cab... Which prolly wont happen as wifey is pissed enough she trips over my small amp :lol: a power amp is not needed at all. Thats good news. I literally had the Pod delivered yesterday and havent even powered it up yet... But thank you very much...
  6. Ram150023

    Goin nuts trying to figure out how to finish my new rack set up...

    Goin nuts trying to figure out how to finish my new rack set up...
  7. Ram150023

    HELP!! Made the jump... Missing anything?

    Finally took the leap to get away from practice amps to a rack set up. Im not entirely sure what im doing... I have done and still doing plenty of reading / researching and comparing notes... But here is what ive compiled and purchased so far (in order)... Furman M-8LX Power Korg Pitchblack...
  8. Ram150023

    Finished RG8 Custom Build

    Great job!
  9. Ram150023

    NGD approaching

    NGD approaching
  10. Ram150023

    Show Me Your 9 String Tunings (2017 Edition)

    I am anxiously awaiting my Agile 928 to arrive hence my stop on the thread... @Hollowway... Thanks for always keeping me in "GAS mode" for more strings with your adventures over the years hahahaha @dean... That was an awesome display mate!! I will have to try the tuning your using!! One of my...
  11. Ram150023

    Bad Wolves?!?!

    I wont disagree as yes it sounds similar to other current offerings... However... The punch and groove is nice. And the clean vox is a very nice change of audio scenery
  12. Ram150023

    7 strings coming from 8?

    Its all down to personal feel of the instrument in your hands... Guitar or bass. I play 6 string songs on my 8, and 8 string songs on my 7. I love how each of mine feel and each brings their own characteristic sound and feel to a particular piece. Screw trying to "fit in" with any stereo...
  13. Ram150023

    Ranking seven-string guitars

    Quick answer... Just go with an 8. 7 wont ever be enough with such a vague question as the OP asked. EDIT*anything less than 27" is useless muddy garbage... Trust me... Ive tried... And failed.
  14. Ram150023

    Bad Wolves?!?!
  15. Ram150023

    Bad Wolves?!?!

    I pray someone else has heard these guys!!?!! Caught a quick "hearing" glimpse on sirius today... "Learn to Live" is the track... Tracked down on you tube and HOLY S#IT I love the track!!! Sick tight sound and the vocals are clean as hell!! Find out its the ex drummer from Devildriver and other...
  16. Ram150023

    Help! Low String vs Tuning Peg

    I drill the tuning peg. I didnt even have my new Agile 828 a half hour before I drilled the peg out. Did it on my RG8 as well... Just dont drill bigger than you need ( I run a .080 )... Take your time ( literally about 45 seconds) and youll have an exact fit for the bigger gauges as well as a...
  17. Ram150023

    Should I get a 7 or an 8?

    Just have both! :lol::lol: Seriously though... Ever since i went to an 8... Even if i want to play something like Killswitch... I grab the 8. I force myself to use the guitar like normal to help with attack. Good hunting!!
  18. Ram150023

    The BRJ Black Friday Thread (Only for updates for/by customers.)[Ad Free]

    a full 3 weeks reading this ENTIRE thread start to... Well... This point... Never gonna see a "finish". Unbelieveable. Despicable. Flat out evil. My sincerest condolences.
  19. Ram150023

    The Official After the Burial Thread: All things ATB!

    Ive been thinking of this since i saw the post. Im not one to purchase any expensive guitar due to the fact i actually PLAY all mine... Plus i let my kiddos strum on them... Id hate to have something so expensive just being wall art... But for this the exception will be made. Hell i dont...
  20. Ram150023

    The Official After the Burial Thread: All things ATB!

    Instantly signed this. If theres a single guitar for me that would be a MUST have... This would be my holy grail!!