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  1. Bilbone Shaggins

    VEKTOR - Terminal Redux

    The first two records are WAY better. They went for this weird sort of melodic thing here that doesn't quite work for me, personally.
  2. Bilbone Shaggins

    Any love for Dean?

    The USA RC7 is easily the best playing seven I've ever encountered.
  3. Bilbone Shaggins

    The EB MusicMan 7 Club

    Doesn't the OFR 6-string bridge have a radius of 12", and 20" for the 7-string? Wouldn't that be another reason not to use them since they kept the 17" radius?
  4. Bilbone Shaggins

    EBMM JP16

    I'm guessing they went back to the 15" radius? Or does FR now make a 17" bridge? I feel like larger frets would pull in more first-time JP users than the change in trem system.
  5. Bilbone Shaggins

    The EB MusicMan 7 Club

    Ah yes, I'm well aware of the actual tonewood combinations! I'm just curious to hear from someone who has played both, as I'd have to travel at least four hours to try either one.
  6. Bilbone Shaggins

    The EB MusicMan 7 Club

    Any thoughts on the JP15 vs. the JP13, tonally speaking? I'm trying to decide between the two, and don't care at all about the aesthetics.
  7. Bilbone Shaggins

    Price Check! [Not sure if a guitar you're selling is priced right, post here.]

    Early '90s Jackson USA Custom Shop Kelly -- condition 8/10 (really great shape considering the age/style) -- was thinking of asking 1500 USD.
  8. Bilbone Shaggins

    NGD - 2014 Hypemachine

    So beautiful. The neck is my favourite bit, for some reason. I have a feeling you'll click with the multiscale once you start playing in standing and classical positions. Plain old missionary is for single-scale guitars.
  9. Bilbone Shaggins

    EBMM JP X+ series question

    I play a BFR 7 with a painted neck and I honestly don't feel a difference -- they do a really fantastic job. By far the most comfortable 7-string neck I've ever tried.
  10. Bilbone Shaggins

    NGD - Thorn S/S-047 'The Forest' Greeeeeen Meanie

    You always end up with the most beautiful guitars...
  11. Bilbone Shaggins


    I'd just assumed OP was trolling...
  12. Bilbone Shaggins

    $3000 saved. music man jp15 or axe fx 2?

    Used JPX 7 and save towards a Kemper :)
  13. Bilbone Shaggins

    NGD: Ibanez RG1527Z

    I play a JP7 BFR but now I have GAS for an RG1527z...
  14. Bilbone Shaggins

    NGD- Ormsby 2014 Buckeye Hypemachine

    As long as it's properly shaved this time. :metal:
  15. Bilbone Shaggins

    NGD- Ormsby 2014 Buckeye Hypemachine

    Are you going to post a shot of your new nut?
  16. Bilbone Shaggins

    NGD: Ormsby Hypemachine Claro walnut burl

    This is insanely gorgeous -- my favourite NGD in ages.
  17. Bilbone Shaggins

    NGD- Ormsby 2014 Buckeye Hypemachine

    Insanely gorgeous, and if it's anything like the other Ormsby guitars I've heard, I'm sure it delivers amazing tones.
  18. Bilbone Shaggins

    Cognizance- New Tech/death metal band (Alex Rudinger content)

    My favourite death metal band from recent years. Beautiful tones! I know they used a Custom 24 for most of the leads on the new EP, but does anyone know what sort of RG they're using to track rhythms?
  19. Bilbone Shaggins

    My first and last 7 string EBMM JP7

    You're definitely on the right path. I use the Hybrid Slinky set (9-46) with a 56 for the low B. It's wonderful for leads and rhythm alike (the lighter gauge on the unwound strings is necessary as I use a lot of wide vibrato and full-step bends in my lead playing). I'd go a bit heavier on the...