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    Albums most people love but you think are abhorrent.

    AAL, Polyphia, I just can't get into any of their stuff. It all just sounds like guitar technique wankery.
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    ESP NAMM 2019 thread

    A decibel boost would be cool. Fits the theme a little better, too, I think.
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    Any 7s with a Tele body style and trem system?

    If you're fine with used, Guitar Center has 2 of the old Charvel Style 2s with Floyds, in different price points: 1200: 700:
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    ESP's NAMM 17 representative's sketchy answer about the E-II line

    edit: ninaj'd on the Nergal on the roster still. They updated it to show that Head is on roster now, and Gus G is gone, while the two other people in Firewind are still on roster. They wouldn't remove one guy and not remove others that have left. You can also find pictures of him using a HEX...
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    ESP 2017 Previews

    I like ESP's take on the non reverse firebird.
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    Jackson Multiscale

    I thought the Gus G Blackouts were actually passives but used the Blackout Preamp in the control cavity? Also, pretty sure the slugs in the Het Set and 57/66 sets are cosmetic?
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    The Devin Townsend Supermegathread!

    Dev sold that white ESP tele a few years ago for charity. I think it was around the same time he sold the Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing V.
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    The Devin Townsend Supermegathread!

    I sure hope there are more dates to be announced on that tour. They can totally squeeze in a day in Houston between Dallas and SF.
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    Free Speech vs Public Nuisance

    1) It's called being responsible for your actions. Freedom of speech protects many instances of speech, but certain things aren't protected. Like Hate Speech or inciting a panic: Don't yell "FIRE!" in a crowded movie theater when there's no fire, it's irresponsible and there's a possibility of...
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    The Devin Townsend Supermegathread!

    Well, that's going to be a 4-$600 pedal. I'm surprised he didn't go with TC Electronic, he's done a lot of videos with them on youtube.
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    The Devin Townsend Supermegathread!

    Just wait for a US preorder to show up and the price might be better.
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    The Devin Townsend Supermegathread!

    Is it weird that almost everything he does is UK centered, even though he's still based Canada?
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    Killswitch Engage Rig Rundown (2016)

    So many typical EMG users have jumped over to those Fluence Moderns, makes me want to give them a try, but I don't have anything with dual humbuckers except my Zero, but I don't play it enough to warrant the cost.
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    Aftermarket 7 string "Radiator" Covers?

    I've seen these before: Open style Humbucker Pickup Cover - Jet Black Nickel - Philadelphia Luthier Tools & Supplies, LLC and they also have something that actually looks like a radiator grill cover: Radiator Style Humbucker Pickup cover Chrome fits 49-50mm spacing - Philadelphia Luthier...
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    Wes Borland selling his old guitars on eBay

    What is Joe from Combichrist doing as their drummer?
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    Looks good! Though, I'd expect some bottle necking until you can upgrade to the 980.
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    The Division

    That's kind of the point though. Played the Beta yesterday, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. No performance issues, game was pretty smooth. Recoil effects took some getting used to, but it's manageable with a lower sensitivity setting. Dark Zone was fun, found a guy and we teamed up, didn't...
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    The Devin Townsend Supermegathread!

    During War Princess.
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    The Devin Townsend Supermegathread!

    Someone uploaded the Albert Hall performance Blu-Ray on the youtubes. I had no idea he had a Strandberg.

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