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  1. HoneyNut

    favorite sounding chords in standard E tuning??

    335XXX C min 535XXX A min 7 547XXX A maj ---- I've been learning inversions of 1-3-5. So those are my favorite chords at the moment. I want to learn more about shell voicings / drop voicings and have that drilled.
  2. HoneyNut

    NGD: The One With Many Firsts

    Appreciate the closeup shot of the frets. Congratulations.
  3. HoneyNut

    When is it too late to be a musician?

    I quit playing guitar during a hectic time of my life.... I did quit entirely, sold my guitars etc... About 2 years later, an ex-bandmate had to remind me that "you're a musician, you shoud buy the guitar" when I was checking out new stuff at a guitar store out of curiosity. It's a really...
  4. HoneyNut

    I'm more attracted to guitars that look like they've been around the block

    Wow, I love the look of that RG7. Reminds me of my black 91. It was so nicely played in....the fretboard edges so naturally rounded. Miss that guitar always...
  5. HoneyNut

    Bogner Uber Ultra.

    Uber Three Wheeler
  6. HoneyNut

    NGD: ESP, Smooth Curves Edition

    No, I like this logo on this. But I also like the cockstock on their Horizons.
  7. HoneyNut

    Strings only lasting a couple days at most

    If palm muting does cause string breakage at the saddle, it does not have to be 'excess'. Honestly, as long as we are playing the instrument, there will be some level of corrosion somewhere along the strings cause of biology or chemistry. I do wipe my strings after every use, and I also keep...
  8. HoneyNut

    Strings only lasting a couple days at most

    Where I live, it's mandatory I keep it tucked in a case. Otherwise im inviting corrosion, not just the strings, but, overtime, hardware too.
  9. HoneyNut

    Lowest Action you've ever gotten without fret buzz

    Ok Ill say something. Take the high E , 9 guage and hit it open with a pick. The diameter of the vibration is the lowest action possible. The diamenter will be larger if hit louder of course. So, with 101 physics, if that diamenter is more than 1.0 mm like some claim, then it isnt possible to...
  10. HoneyNut

    When does tinnitus stop being cool and start being sad?

    I have people in my family who have developed bad hearing over the years. They were really into music, but barely listen to anything nowdays because of their challenged hearing. That is really sad.
  11. HoneyNut

    Tone: Lost your way or found yourself?

    Yes, How I hear things in the morning differs how I hear things after a full days work and being out in traffic. When its quiet, I overcompensate for treble, and when its noisy, around rush hour, i tend to dial in more treble. That said, your ears will always be chasing. Now, if youre going...
  12. HoneyNut

    Vai, Petrucci talk about financial issues of touring.

    First of all, great post. "Rep points" to you. In regards to the musician lockdown for 5 years is not meant for the 26 year old to wait it out. Its meant to weed him and others in a similar boat out. We've been in this situation in our careers outisde of music. Let's say boomers who were...
  13. HoneyNut

    Vai, Petrucci talk about financial issues of touring.

    What Andy C says is almost how I feel about the current metal subculture. It's a has-been, similarly to how I feel towards 'pointy' guitars, and mostly now relying on nostalgia. But this doesn't justify the current state of music industry... Not to criticize the music itself, but I find modern...
  14. HoneyNut

    Vai, Petrucci talk about financial issues of touring.

    Watched the lukather interview briefly. But I'm definitely becoming a fan of Beato after a few of his recent interviews. I'm going to watch it.
  15. HoneyNut

    Vai, Petrucci talk about financial issues of touring.

    I came across this article where Vai mentions that things have gotten rather worse post-covid for the industry, particularly with touring. Petrucci has said something similar in a recent interview somewhere. It's not new. Trying to earn a decent income in music has always been wishy washy for...
  16. HoneyNut

    The Downsides of Headless Guitars?

    You do you in regards to your taste in what you wear. Im sure you wearing leather pants suits you just awesome. I really didnt mean to sound like an ahole to you. The other guitar player in our band actually has the look of a stereotypical nerd, with thick glasses, skinny, plaid shirt and...
  17. HoneyNut

    The Downsides of Headless Guitars?

    not with my torso
  18. HoneyNut

    The Downsides of Headless Guitars?

    How it look matters. How it suits the player matters. Id be weird seing Slash with a headless. But that era of guitar playing over. It's done for. Putting your legs apart like James Hetfield or Slash, just looks dorky in this age. This is what is spinal tap to me now. The headless guitar to...
  19. HoneyNut

    The Downsides of Headless Guitars?

    There are no REAL downsides. I really want one, to carry around, flights, gigs via bike, rehersal, weight. etc. Im not going to be Paul Gilbert slim with a slim Ibanez neck profile, nor am I ever going to be so suited like Bonamassa with a Les Paul. BUT! The downside is that every headless...
  20. HoneyNut

    Death Metal

    Death Metal is like Jazz. The more you listen to it, the easier you understand the phrasing, note choices, tempo, degree of horror etc

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