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  1. RG570EX

    NGD. I've come full circle. Lol

    Looks like a black machine with a better headstock.
  2. RG570EX

    ESP 2023

    Ikr. Like the freaking boomers going on and on about how they bought their strat brand new in 1963 for $200 that they made on their paper route.
  3. RG570EX

    Electroplating guitar hardware: Nickel, Gold, Copper etc.

    That looks awesome. How would you do an Ibanez style powder cosmo plating?
  4. RG570EX

    Heads up for Reverb (Etsy) sellers; they're having issues sending payments out

    I'm in the EU. I'm only selling to EU. I only take Paypal. Is that shit happening to everyone or just in the US?
  5. RG570EX

    NGD - Ibanez RG7620

    I love this sort of thing!
  6. RG570EX

    None of the big four thrash bands have ever played Ibanez

    Het's white V may as well be an Ibanez. It was made in the same factory as an identical model for a few brands including Ibanez.
  7. RG570EX

    None of the big four thrash bands have ever played Ibanez

    There's another pic floating around somewhere of him playing a black RG770 looking thing with shark fins and binding at a concert.
  8. RG570EX

    IBANEZ RG3120 and RG3220 refins

    I'm not crazy about the maple fretboard but those new finishes are on fleek. I really love me some twilight blue RG3120. Made back in the days when a prestige had an actual maple top instead of a veneer.
  9. RG570EX

    RG7620 & RG7420 rebuilds

    I need more pictures of that 7620.
  10. RG570EX

    What is The Lexus of Guitars?

    Dragon Man's place in Colorado is like that but with guns. I wanted to check out a G3 style rifle and the dude was like aRe YoU gOiNg To BuY iT? And I was like how do I know if I want to buy it if I haven't even touched it. YoU dOn'T nEeD tO tOuCh It If YoU rEaLlY wAnT iT yOu JuSt BuY iT. So I...
  11. RG570EX

    What is The Lexus of Guitars?

    Yeah, I'm an us American and know of zero stores open to the public where a guitar on display for sale is not available for play testing. Every time I buy off the rack in a guitar shop I haggle a discount because it's basically a used guitar unless it was literally just unpacked.
  12. RG570EX

    ____ is the ____ of ____

    And I think we're all forgetting that bat is the chicken of the cave.
  13. RG570EX

    ____ is the ____ of ____

    The tiger beetle is the velociraptor of the insect class.
  14. RG570EX

    ESP 2023

    Yeah I can't wait for L-II to come out so I can afford an Esp again.
  15. RG570EX

    Epiphone "inspired by Gibson custom shop" Korina Explorer and V.

    I just wonder what exactly is inspired by the custom shop on these? They look exactly like the 58 explorer and v that has been a staple in every year lineup from epiphone since the 1990s. I would think they are inspired by the 1958 originals? Did someone from the custom shop have a hand in some...
  16. RG570EX

    Nita Strauss leaves Alice Cooper

    It looks like choreographed moves she has practiced and memorized. You can see her moving to interact with other band members that aren't present. Which makes sense if that's how she's been practicing. It reminds me of Instagram models doing their rehearsed pose routines to get their best angles...
  17. RG570EX

    Fake Seymour Duncans?

    They do the same thing with Emgs too.
  18. RG570EX

    ESP 2023

    The only appealing part of these are the sparkle paint jobs.
  19. RG570EX

    RIP Gary Rossington

    WTF is up with everyone fucking dying lately?
  20. RG570EX

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    Now I want to see some BCR teles like that dude that was making flying v and firebird telecasters.