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  1. signalgrey

    What do you look for in a distortion pedal?

    my two main pedals for distortion are the: Blackstar Dual Distortion/preamp pedal. It sounds great and pushes the amp and has a good distorted sound overall. I like it because I can also plug straight in to the board in case of a catastrophe. This has happened before and it saved my
  2. signalgrey

    NAD If Only I Could Plug Her In

    the Artisan series is fantastic. Im a huge believer in the Artisan 30.
  3. signalgrey

    Korea Air smash Steve Vai’s Guitar “Bo”

    honestly it all sounds very typical of Korea. Something happened because of something they did and the reaction is "NO! WE DIDNT DO IT! THEEEEYYYY DID IT! WE WOULD NEVER! HOW DARE YOU!?" basically. they did it. The airline is upset beacuse Asiana crashed that plane in SFO a few weeks ago and...
  4. signalgrey

    Korea Air smash Steve Vai’s Guitar “Bo”

    it works for me. I watched a video on how Paul Gilbert gets away with it and Ive copied that idea. Im going to do it again on tuesday when I fly home for good.
  5. signalgrey

    NGD Schecter Tempest Special

    id play one of those. looks classy
  6. signalgrey

    Schecter diamond series basses

    schecter basses are actually pretty good. The stillettos are really nice.
  7. signalgrey

    Your favorite live rig

    my modified burns barracuda baritone ---> Rat Deucetone and few delays and a few reverbs----> VOX AC30 (or an Orange AD30) ive gotten old. It used to be HOW MANY CHANNELS? I NEED MORE WATTAGE!! MORE MORE MORE all just seems tiresome to think about. K.I.S.S. Keep it simple...
  8. signalgrey

    If You Had to Name Your Biggest Influences

    This is going to sound weird: Fugazi + U2 yeahhhhhh....dont try and understand it.
  9. signalgrey

    Whats your favorite tube amp?

    ive come to the conclusion that this is really all I need...
  10. signalgrey

    Black Veil Brides uses fake cabs

    im sorry but who the .... cares about the Warped Tour since like 2002? They have just gotten worse and more commercial every year and are miles and miles away from what it used to be about. fake backlines? WHO GIVES A SHIT?
  11. signalgrey

    Moshing now illegal?

    At least some decent semi-civil discussion came out of it. Not all bad!:yesway::cool:
  12. signalgrey

    Moshing now illegal?

    there is such a thing as a "safe pit" its having some self awareness. What the shit is the point of someone up? and not taking it personally? seriously? Its not a UFC match, its a show. People were nice for taking care of that girl, but not the people who thought it was cool to bash her...
  13. signalgrey

    Moshing now illegal?

    yknow, I dont really care about moshing when its just good natured kinetic fun. When people are sharing the energy of the atmosphere and they take care of each other in the pit. Sadly I see that less and less and less as the years go on. When I was first jumping in pits, it wasnt just guys...
  14. signalgrey

    Best distortion pedal of all time?

    Most of you may have passed this one over, or would never use it...BUT
  15. signalgrey

    Thin necks and hand pain?

    Im a pretty tall guy, and I have pretty large hands with long fingers. Thin necks are murder on me. My go-to guitar is a Burns Barracuda that I have modified quite heavily and it has an enormous LOVE it.
  16. signalgrey

    Best speakers for 2x12...

    eminence legends are amazing
  17. signalgrey

    If you had to give a 10-year-old ONE piece of advice, what would it be?

    one? sighh.... music is not a contest, despite how some people approach it, remember to enjoy what you are doing and to never feel let down because you aren't as good as X, Y and Z. What you can or cant do makes you different and unique. Play, enjoy and always think about what you can create...
  18. signalgrey

    When did passive electronics become so popular? :o

    I think that passive pickup makers started making a pretty incredible variety of new contemporary options. Honestly. Look at the dimarzio, duncan, LACE and of course BKP roster these days....its impressive and commend them for listening to their customers and having the sense and courage to try...
  19. signalgrey

    What do you look for in a pickup?

    Bridge: Clarity with body. This usually means I get a "vintage hot" pickup. They can usually get really aggressive if I want them to, but will still keep that nice bright clear vintagey sound. Neck: It has to sound good clean. It has to be the "pretty" pickup. Not too much bass, still bright...
  20. signalgrey

    Pro guitarists who play cheap guitars

    in all fairness he did burn it off...