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  1. TemjinStrife

    FS LTD Elite ST-1, Rickenbacker 360/12

    LTD Elite ST-1 Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: This is a Made in Japan LTD Elite ST-1 (same quality/level as ESP standard, before they rebranded the LTD Elites to E-II). HSS, Floyd, maple neck, alder body, maple top. It is in basically mint condition and plays and sounds...
  2. TemjinStrife

    Dingwall ABI Yellow w/ Wenge and Darkglass; Fender MIJ Geddy

    Dingwall ABI 5 Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: For sale is a Dingwall Afterburner I 5-string with wenge neck and Darkglass preamp in Ferrari Yellow. Not going to lie, won't be too sad if this doesn't sell. 34-37" scale. One of the best necks I've had on a bass; it plays and...
  3. TemjinStrife

    FS Mini Head Sale: Mesa Mark V:25, Marshall JCM-1H & JVM-1H, Fryette GP/DI, Jet City 22H

    These are all incredible amps that I have spent many happy hours with, but it's time to find them new homes as when I am playing at home, I am playing the Hot Rod 25. All prices shipped CONUS. Might consider trades but trying to downsize for a potential move. Mesa Mark V:25 Brief &...
  4. TemjinStrife

    Favorite Extreme Bass OD

    Idiotbox Blower Box. Huge low end and great gain from mild overdrive to almost fuzz like. No clean blend but it cuts fine and preserves low end without it.
  5. TemjinStrife

    28” bass vi tuning??

    I have a 30" Ultra VI that I sometimes use for bass duties, and run a LaBella .095 on the bottom. It's not perfect, but if you're using it as a guitar it's fine.
  6. TemjinStrife

    NGD - Agile 830 ...I think??

    Yeah, it's got the newer Hipshot-ish bridge. Scale length would be 28.625", which is a popular baritone conversion scale length for 25.5" scale guitars (basically stick two frets past the nut on a Fender neck and that's what you get).
  7. TemjinStrife

    Best Bass cab for Distorted bass

    Ehh, not typically true. However, most tweeter implementations in bass cabs don't sound great with distortion. Other than that, try a couple tweeterless cabs at GC and see what you like; it's likely that Craigslist will have a bunch of big bass cabs for cheap cause no one can ship them.
  8. TemjinStrife

    NGD - Agile 830 ...I think??

    That looks like one of the original Intrepids. I had one, ages ago, which went to the EU.
  9. TemjinStrife

    Schecter SLS vs Ibanez Affirma

    My experience is dated (I bought mine in the early 2000s) but I've had great experience with a Schecter C-4 Elite (same shape); impeccably put together, sounds great, and lightweight. Still play it alongside Dingwalls, Fenders, etc. when I want that modern active vibe.
  10. TemjinStrife

    Ethics of Copying Guitar Designs [Esp. Small Shops]

    Some of this is close, but not quite correct. I can't get too in the weeds on this stuff for a range of reasons, but here's some resources/stuff to Google if you're interested: 1. Check the difference between the various IP regimes: copyright, trademark, trade dress, patent, design patent, etc...
  11. TemjinStrife

    Any Bass VI owners?

    The SRC6 will be closer to a bass, whereas the more traditional Bass VIs with the "strangle" switch are fun for more baritone guitar-y things. I ended up with a Ultra VI, which is a well-built instrument and it sounds pretty good.