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  1. ShawnFjellstad

    Will leaving my 7 string in a drop tuning damage the guitar?

    I'm currently using .13-.80s on a 25.5" six string for drop G. I don't know how I'd get on with any less tension than that. You're a psychopath for liking such floppy nonsense. :lol:
  2. ShawnFjellstad

    What is wrong with my "Djent" tone?

    Sound a bit fizzy in the top, but otherwise okay. :shrug:
  3. ShawnFjellstad

    My first Partbanez build. Please check it out!

    You should route a small ledge for the ferrule block so it sits flush with the back of the body. Cool build so far, man.
  4. ShawnFjellstad

    **Schecter Sucks at Customer Service!**

    Flexypoo, you should know me well enough to know that this is a request I simply cannot grant. :D
  5. ShawnFjellstad

    **Schecter Sucks at Customer Service!**

    See? Perhaps it would be wise to let things play out before publicly flaming a company and making yourself look like a whiny baby in the process.
  6. ShawnFjellstad

    **Schecter Sucks at Customer Service!**

    This, this, a thousand times this.
  7. ShawnFjellstad

    **Schecter Sucks at Customer Service!**

    I don't give a .... about Grovers, and that has nothing to do with why I think you're overreacting. Schecter acted exactly as they should in response and owe you absolutely nothing more than what they already offered. Return the guitar and be done with it, but to bash their customer service...
  8. ShawnFjellstad

    **Schecter Sucks at Customer Service!**

    They responded exactly as they should have, and you're overreacting. Mistakes happen and they offered a quick solution. You being unhappy with their totally viable solution doesn't mean they have bad customer service.
  9. ShawnFjellstad

    Djent Tone w/ Free Amp Sims (Clip)

    WTB: That snare sound.
  10. ShawnFjellstad


    Nice guitars, man, but trying to read your posts is a goddamn nightmare.
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  12. ShawnFjellstad

    Baseball incident and insurance question

    The cops basically told you that you're legally in the clear, so you need to come to a guitar forum for confirmation? :lol: Edit: Sorry, I'm of no help. I just found that pretty funny. :yesway:
  13. ShawnFjellstad

    Rough first mix feedback!

    The clarity of your mixes will inherently improve a metric ....ton if you focus on getting really solid takes. Most of the parts here sound quite sloppy. Clean up the takes a bit and you'll be able to more easily pick out what's mudding up the mix.
  14. ShawnFjellstad

    Is this representative of the axe fx ii live?

    Just learn to dial it in and you won't have that issue. :shrug: Are you really looking through YouTube videos to determine if something has a good tone? If I had based my amp buying decision on some shoddy YouTube videos, I never would have bought a Framus Dragon. It's a terrible way to judge gear.
  15. ShawnFjellstad

    Etherial Guitars

    It's a terrible "brand". Take your money elsewhere.
  16. ShawnFjellstad

    Carvin Ebony Kiesel Edition SCB6

    That is cool as .....
  17. ShawnFjellstad

    Rick Toone... creation!

    I have a desk built into my wall that circles my entire room, and if I set my guitar on it unplugged and hit a chord, I hear it reverberate through every wall, like a naturally amplified surround sound. It's pretty surreal. :lol:
  18. ShawnFjellstad

    Carvin - Javier Reyes no more? :(

    People still care about who plays which brand of guitar? :shrug: