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    ESP USA Configurator now online!

    As an ardent proponent of solid colours on guitars, it bugs me that the only two available are black and another type of black.
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    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    Nah man, I think you're actually attracted to her - you were, before all this stuff came out, and if you still are then I assume it's actual attraction to her as a person, rather than some white knight complex thing. Whether or not you're more attracted to her following those revelations is...
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    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    Man, I've been away a good few months and not checked in here. I now have a really great girlfriend and on Saturday, we'll have been together six months. Longest I've ever been with anyone :lol:
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    Jackson Guitars - Gold Coast Guitar Show (Judas Priest, Phil Collen content)

    Ahhh yes, forgot about the brass hardware. Really nice touch...
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    Jackson Guitars - Gold Coast Guitar Show (Judas Priest, Phil Collen content)

    This is an SL2H-V right? IIRC these are built in a slightly more "80s" way, with a slightly larger neck heel, maybe a thicker neck and an earlier version of the logo. And a flat-mounted Floyd, yum. I always loved that model - one day I hope to pick one up, but I know they're pretty rare. The...
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    Hello everyone.

    I haven't dropped in for quite a while. Been very busy. Just letting y'all know I'm still alive! This place looks all different now. Strange. Anyway, how is everyone?
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    NGD: 1981 Gibson E2 CMT Explorer

    HEEEEEEELLLLL YES. I really want one of those.
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    Markline custom n°43

    That top is staggering.
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    Ibanez FR Iron Label

    I really like it. I just wouldn't buy another cheap Ibanez.
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    NGD- instaGIB

  11. BucketheadRules

    Why did this forum get rid of Likes?

    I miss likes.
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    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    This old chestnut. :noplease:
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    I think Russ Parrish (Satchel) switched to Charvel

    Green AND tiger stripes? That must be like... my favourite finish for a guitar, ever.
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    Bands who's earlier albums are better then their current stuff?

    Bodom. Agreed on DT as well, the only post-2000 albums of theirs that I consistently like are Train of Thought and Black Clouds and Silver Linings. I only like a couple of songs from Octavarium, I don't know Systematic that well, and I've barely even listened to the Mangini stuff because I...
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    ESP & E-II - M-II, Bolt-on no longer in Production?

    Anyone who hates on bolt-on guitars is just wrong.
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    My new favourite bass line.

    I know it's not very SSO, but seriously... just listen to this. By the legend that is James Jamerson, and even by his high standards this is a wonderful, wonderful line. Thought it was worth sharing, in case anyone likes a good bit of Motown (doesn't everyone?)
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    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    Agreed. It was a while ago and he was never seriously into her. I doubt he'd mind, and even if he did, it's not as if you've "stolen" her from him.
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    NGD: ViK FF Duality Redwood Burl

    This. I have always liked his guitars aesthetically. Never played one. Is he even still in business?
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    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    Gotcha :)
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    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    Will do :) But yes, it's a tough one... if I did say anything I'd probably say something like "Ngl I've not really been going after other girls since we started talking, awkward as f*ck I know but I'm just curious, are you talking to anyone else atm?" But even that makes me feel like l'd come...