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  1. nickgray

    What kind of guitar tone/mix do you prefer

    Whatever works for the mix. I'm mostly concerned about the tone being fatiguing in the high mids, 3-5k range. It's mostly an issue with older albums, especially ones from 2000s which were also often brickwalled to absolute shit, so not only can you get ear piercing high mids, you can also get...
  2. nickgray

    Ergonomic T-type guitar

  3. nickgray

    AI Generated Metal...

    Time II has never been closer. I'd be extremely surprised if it's an AI-generated waveform. But a MIDI which was then produced with VSTs (which could also be automated with an AI, I'm sure)? Seems way more plausible. Train it on freely available Guitar Pro files, commercialize it, profit. Same...
  4. nickgray

    New Metal Music Thread

    Unexpectedly good, I must say
  5. nickgray

    When is it too late to be a musician?

    A slightly different perspective would be to look at the typical output of bands. Usually, it's the first few albums that really matter. It's rare that the band continues to keep high standards, even rarer if they keep evolving into something better, and rarer still for the band to change sound...
  6. nickgray

    Josh Scott Needs To Be Stopped

    Meh. I'll only be impressed if this happens:
  7. nickgray

    Wintersun's Groundhog's Day Thread

    Yep, no Time II in the near future for sure now.
  8. nickgray

    Wintersun's Groundhog's Day Thread

    Wait, I thought it was in crypto, no?
  9. nickgray

    Wintersun's Groundhog's Day Thread

    It's gonna be Time III
  10. nickgray

    Helix 3.5 just dropped

    There's a new cab section, the old one is renamed as legacy cabs. They are pretty good and there's an option to change the mic placement (continuously, so tons of possible positions), and a new angle option (45 degrees or straight). I still use the same old IRs I was using, but that's just what...
  11. nickgray

    How do you improve your technique?

    As opposed to a bent wrist:
  12. nickgray

    Are External ssds worth it?

    SSDs will have faster access and faster read/write rates than magnetic drives. With external drives you might be capped by the USB port, you have to figure out what kind of USB ports you have, what the drive you want to buy supports, and if it's all worth it in the end. But then, what do expect...
  13. nickgray

    How do you improve your technique?

    That looks supremely uncomfortable. First of all, your guitar should be in a comfortable playing position and your wrist should be as straight as possible. This is something that beginners commonly don't think about too much. The position of the guitar and your hands can and will change...
  14. nickgray

    Periphery Megathread: Everything Periphery

    Tbh, I can't watch like 90% of metal videos, I truly do not understand the need for Jason Bourne shaky cam and making 5 trillion cuts per second. You can't see shit. The Periphery video is some kind of cocaine induced nightmarish visual diarrhea that requires copious amounts of Dramamine just...
  15. nickgray

    What´s your experience ditching all your amp stuff and going full amp sim?

    This has nothing to do with latency and DAWs typically will have processing at realtime priority by default (Reaper is, at least, I doubt others are different). With latency you're at the whim of drivers as well as all the system overhead crap. Also don't forget that for playing/recording you'd...
  16. nickgray

    Anyone ever make their own baseplates out of Titanium?

    Oh yeah, I make my own titanium baseplates all the time, just casually trying to find some use for all that titanium I happen to have, I mean what else can you do with your titanium stash other than make pickup baseplates out of it? Out of the bunch I've tried I've found that a plutonium...
  17. nickgray

    Favorite examples of "bad" tone in metal

    I have to wonder if some people here listen to music on Beyers DT990s or on something that equally hypes the highs to stratosphere :lol:
  18. nickgray

    Wintersun's Groundhog's Day Thread