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  1. Gmork

    NPD — I played a note, went for a 2 hour bike ride, and when I got back, it was still playing.😉

    The dark starcis insane! I love mine! Thing sounds WAAAAY out there!! ☄️🌌
  2. Gmork

    NPD — I played a note, went for a 2 hour bike ride, and when I got back, it was still playing.😉

    Thats cool! A stripped down strymon... Thats COOL!! Was it significantly less $ than their other stuff?
  3. Gmork

    NAD: PRS Archon

    I decided long ago i need an archon. Closest ive gotten to playing one is the model on line6 metalurgy plugin, dont kniw how close that was but it sounded incredible and just reading all i have makes it sound right up my alley! Once im done paying off my fender pro reverb ill likely start...
  4. Gmork

    Cheap aftermarket footswitch for gen one 7 pin 5150iii 100w???

    Looking for a cheap solution footswitch for gen one 7 pin 5150iii 100w head??? As far as I know the gen1 was not midi but im not certain. Ive been googling but am not seeing anything, any help would be appreciated.
  5. Gmork


    Well that explains it. And thanks, i agree! I really don't think this amp needs a boost at all either, i think it makes it sound worse
  6. Gmork


    Ye Ah I love it, always has a chunk to it! As much as a love the quirk factor of using singlecoils I HAVE thought about putting something completely opposite in like bk cpigs or something lol
  7. Gmork


    As some may know I traded my single recto head for a gen1 evh 5150iii 100w. 1st thing I noticed is how good palm mute chuggin sounds, it's definitely got "IT" and has a nice busy gain structure. Lots of hairy saturation (didn't wake up thinking I'd be saying that lol) Its kind of "dry"...
  8. Gmork

    Peavey 6505 1992 original playthrough

    This amp is sticky! I want to talk to the manager!
  9. Gmork

    SD-1 type OD that has 3 band or 6 band eq?

    Not a 3 band but the mxr m77 has a 100hz control as well as a lower mids boost switch. It's a total hidden gem!... Well it was until badseeds vids got popular lol. So they probably went from $50 to $200 now
  10. Gmork


    Start playing drums as well.... No really!
  11. Gmork

    The "Should i trade" Thread

    It sounds great (as expected) but the whole evh thing and the stripes etc always really turned me off lol I'm not a van Halen fan (I know I'm dumb) and more importantly everyone and their grandma's use a 5150iii and the thought of joining the herd is just kinda BLeCk🤢 mind you I'm a sucker for...
  12. Gmork

    The "Should i trade" Thread

    Well, I'm currently waiting for buddy to show up to trade his gen1 evh 5150iii 100w for my mesa single recto 50. I doubt I'll keep the evh but have always wanted to try one and i figure I'm trading up and it SHOULD be easier to sell or trade a 5150iii. Am I an idiot? 🥴
  13. Gmork

    The "Should i trade" Thread

    My single recto for an original 2004 evh 5150iii (100w 6L6)? Wasn't there QA issues???
  14. Gmork

    Replacing speakers in the 1960B. Eminence.

    I still think swamp thangs are the best speaker I've tried. Imo they are capable of handling anything and are not inherently flabby at all unless YOU dial it in. They can do super aggressive and tight but YOU have to dial your gear in that way. Its the old addage that it's better to have it and...
  15. Gmork

    The "Should i trade" Thread

    So who else is on the fence with a trade proposal?
  16. Gmork

    The "Should i trade" Thread

    @4Eyes but actually you're 100% wrong lol. Ive never been so 50/50 on the fence. I'm totally paralyzed and don't know which to go with. So just to reiterate... Youre wrong 😉😘
  17. Gmork

    The "Should i trade" Thread

    Exactly! Yeah! Ha ha, stoopid womans. So lame
  18. Gmork

    Power supply for 8 plus pedals? Strymon, Trutone, Walrus?

    My pleasure, and btw the ciokes come with an extra Y cable or 2 and I THINK maybe a 3 pedal daisy chain
  19. Gmork

    Power supply for 8 plus pedals? Strymon, Trutone, Walrus?

    I actually run 8 pedals atm on my dc5. Just pair up pedals that DONT exceed the mA. For example, one one of the power outputs on the cioks (or any power supply) it may say 100mA. You can use a Y split cable or a daisy chain and use any number of pedals you want, but each pedal uses specific mA...
  20. Gmork

    Anyone try/own the randall UN120 amp? (Scott Ian pentagram Sig)

    @Trashgreen lucky bugger!! Ahh man the V2 as well!! Thanks for the vids! Sounds like it def has that classic randall grindy mid crunchiness! If you ever want to sell it hit me up!! 😄 How would you say the lowend compares to something like a dual recto?

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