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  1. op1e

    Live Gear Backups. What Do You Use?

    The wonders of a hybrid rig is all the redundancies. My Fryette Power Station is a attenuator and a power amp. If the Marshall goes down I just run my Kartakou pre into that. If the rack pre goes down, I use models for cleans. I'm always running direct off an XLR out of the 1101. I know the cab...
  2. op1e

    Headrush Prime

    I think this is new tech and not 11 Rack carried forward like the previous Headrush boards. That's why I stayed away before. Damn 11R came out same time as my gsp1101, I already have outdated amp modeling that I know how to deal with lol.
  3. op1e

    Helix 3.5 just dropped

    One thing that would be really great in the future or future modelers is if the clean and dirty version of each amp was the same amp. One block so snapshots for clean/crunch/lead could be one amp and save blocks. Also having FX loops not cost a block like a split path or something. One can...
  4. op1e

    Pedals That Straddle Distortion and Fuzz?

    Red Llama is supposed to fit into this category, too.
  5. op1e

    NAD! Marshall DSL, I'm in Love!

    This is the new HR? Miss the pre pandy days when they were 900 new. Been thinking about the 20 but don't' really need it. Saw people complain that OD1 is better and the 20 has the OD2 channel and clean. I miss having a multi channel amp for cleans.
  6. op1e

    HX Stomp Midi CC Weirdness

    I've got a cool setup, but there's things I wanna do within one patch that seem problematic atm. I have my Stomp controlled by a Meloaudio midi commander. The HX Stomp has my 1101 in the left loop and drive pedals in the right loop. The 1101 has my rack pre in one loop and my Origin 20 in the...
  7. op1e

    Best cleans in a 100w amp head through a Mesa Compact 2x12 cab?

    If you wanna be ironic and bother people get a B52 AT100 and put it on top of your real Recto. Honestly one of the best clean channels out there. It's supposed to be an exact Fender Twin circuit. Another way to achieve my blasphemy is put a XXX up there. The whole ultra line has great cleans. I...
  8. op1e

    1st 7 string?

    If you're starting the budget route to get your feet wet, don't be afraid of the Jackson JS22-7. I just got a used maple board one for $150 and it already had a Hipshot bridge conversion done (woot!). It has the most usable pickups of any sub $600 seven I've probably had. I just threw some $38...
  9. op1e

    Tonex New Hardware Pedal

    Question. Do you really need the Tone Capture device? I messed around once with re amping to try and get a demo of this Kartakou Beastbox rack. I run my interface headphone out into a headphone amp and run one of the 4 outs into the input then back into the interface. Is there some science...
  10. op1e

    Finally got some good photos of my Jackson...

    What model is this? I love HS configuration. How I have my mexi strat set up.
  11. op1e

    Who makes a 7 string that doesn't feel like a 7 string?

    I kinda get where he's coming from. I got away from 7's. Traded my 8 for a mexi strat and put EMG's in it. Other guitar is an Affinity Jazzmaster with p90's. The neck I got used to playing for the last few years is a 9.5 radius strat. I've been in a band doing hot rodded Vietnam helicopter rock...
  12. op1e

    Whammy DT short circuited?

    I can say as a die hard 1101 user to this day, the whammy in those is top notch. Even though I have an HX Stomp I still run my 1101 in the loop of it. My Tampa buddy who gigs for a living has been through 6 or so Whammy's and he's sick of buying them. I told him to go the 1101/RP route or buy a...
  13. op1e

    Fender sound from non Fender amp.

    Don't forget Traynor and they're pretty reasonable used. They're somewhere in the middle of that 60's Bassman circuit where it broke off into the Marshall thing I read.
  14. op1e

    Helix 3.5 just dropped

    I just wanted the rack for more I/O and tired of the limited amount of blocks. I've gotten spoiled with Helix that I can do everything with one patch almost. My only consideration was if I drop $1600 on the rack this year is the new one around the corner and comes out after that I'd rather have...
  15. op1e

    Helix 3.5 just dropped

    I would like loops to not cost a block. You would think there would be a work around like the split path points. I got my Stomp right before the XL launched. I could get one of those too and still have a smaller footprint than an LT :lol:. Been thinking about moving some gear and getting the...
  16. op1e

    Kartakou Beastbox 2 tube preamp vs AMT SS-11B tube preamp

    Rebuilding my rack... Again lol. This thing sounds great thru a cranked Origin on 5w. My only gripe is the momentary switching which is sometimes has to be reset on startup and separate gain knobs would be sweet. I like the lead channel with gain up and no boost for leads. Maybe I'll just use it...
  17. op1e

    Pickups don't matter?

    You can't put "I'm fighting/not fighting my guitar" thru a tone spectrum analyzer. I had Titan neck pickup in the bridge of a cheap 7 string Warlock and it was amazing. I got rid of the Warlock and put it in an EC-257 and it was lacking somehow and replaced it with an 81-7. I played my buddies...
  18. op1e

    What is your next guitar/gear purchase gonna be?

    I'm thinking of getting a Pitchfork Plus next. Can I change my tuning and use it as a whammy with the dual engine? Doing some cover stuff and I wanna leave my 7 in half step and be able to go down to drop G or up to drop A.
  19. op1e

    ODs-extended range low tunings/TC Preamp?

    I think the Friedman Buxom Boost is great for already high gain amps. Lots of clean boost and a Tight knob and a 3 band EQ that you can turn off. Don't think there's even any clipping/overdrive circuit in there, why I liked it. I used that for my Peavey Ultra or rack pre's. As for boosting...
  20. op1e

    Whats your way to get massive , tight sounding Distortion ?

    Don't forget how much ground can be covered with old rack stuff. I heard the Rocktron Chameleon do some serious convincing Recto tones. Some great recto tones out of a Pod X3 and run dual amps to get that huge sound. With a separate cab loader if you're worried about home practice volume.