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  1. FearFactoryDBCR

    I played an RGA7 the other day...

    The EQ switch broke on my RGA7, and completely destroyed my chances of getting another one as i got mine before the big shipment came in around june ( I got mine at February) It's a pretty good guitar. Pick-ups a trash i think. But i've got a 1527 now. And i'm sticking with that for a good while ;D
  2. FearFactoryDBCR

    RC7X vs RG1527

    I haven't tried out an RC7 But i do own a 1527. And i must say it's a great guitar, very very comfortable neck. Excellent fretwork and i imagine if you swapped the pickups it'd sound twice as good. Only thing that bugs me a bit is the tremelo, mine needs properly setting up as the string...
  3. FearFactoryDBCR

    This is new...(New Agile models)

    They've put a ghost model up now. First i've seen of it D:
  4. FearFactoryDBCR

    Blackmachine Guitars?

    Isn't there a dude on youtube with one? It's a B7 or B8 Either way he can't play one. Best to check it out though to give you an idea on craftsmanship and tone.
  5. FearFactoryDBCR

    Dino Cazares' tone of MECHANIZE question..

    When i saw him live, i'm sure i saw a POD X3 ontop of some Marshall dummy's I have a good feeling he's using some sort of Line 6 head and cab, because he's got that real fat heavy line 6 distortion tone, that's excessivley loud too.
  6. FearFactoryDBCR

    Buying an Ibanez RG1527

    Thanks man! And yeah i've heard some great things about this guitar. About it being real smooth, and something that you can rely on for years. Which is something i'll dig a lot. I don't usually go for Basswood guitars as i just have a belief it isn't a great wood, Mahogany is what i'm usually...
  7. FearFactoryDBCR

    Buying an Ibanez RG1527

    Just bought my 1527, arrives here on Wednesday ;D If i manage to get a hold of a decent enough cam i'll do a pic story :D
  8. FearFactoryDBCR

    You know what really REALLY grinds my gears...

    I lol'd at that kid who walks in at like 1:13 ish only to realise it's being recorded so he bricks it and runs out the room, ahaha.
  9. FearFactoryDBCR

    Ibanez RG2228 8 String as new

    http://www.sevenstring.org/forum/guitars-for-sale-trade-wanted/73974-new-classified-rules-must-read.html Proper way to set it out mate :) Best of luck getting what you want out've it ;D
  10. FearFactoryDBCR

    Buying an Ibanez RG1527

    I was thinking the D-activator, but i've heard rumours it doesn't sound the best in Basswood? Of course i wouldn't know for sure, i know it sounds great in mahogany since i've played a Xiphos 7 of my friends a good few times. And i didn't know the EVO was much of a brutal pickup O: Learn...
  11. FearFactoryDBCR

    Buying an Ibanez RG1527

    I'll check out that Mod man, thanks much ;D And yeah i had a feeling i might have to swap the pups, what pups would you recommend? I'm playing brutal death metal kind've stuff, so i want something that really growls and screams. But also it need some clarity for when i hit full chords. ;D +1...
  12. FearFactoryDBCR

    NGD - Carvin 7 string

    Is that a lefty? Or do you have some sort of demon mirror camera? Either way sweet axe bud :)
  13. FearFactoryDBCR

    Tuning's with a Low F/G And a high E?

    Can't you tune to what Devin Townsend does on his 7? Open G? Or i could be wrong, either way you've got a real low G note, and still have a high e if you need it. EDIT: Just saw you're not a fan of open tunings. My bad D:
  14. FearFactoryDBCR

    Buying an Ibanez RG1527

    Haha you're my hero <3 +1
  15. FearFactoryDBCR

    Buying an Ibanez RG1527

    Yeah bud, i'll be doing that for sure. One reason why i've stayed away from double locking trems is the whole restringing process, i heard it takes people like a half hour and stuff. D: And i don't know if this is because i'm half asleep or just really stupid. But i'm not quite getting your...
  16. FearFactoryDBCR

    Buying an Ibanez RG1527

    So yeah, buying an Ibby 1527, for £700 (Good or bad price?) Anyways i was checking up on it's hardware and noticed it has an Edge Pro 7 What are peoples opinions on the trem? It'll be my first time using a locking trem on any guitar, and i wanted to know if it's a good trem or whether i...
  17. FearFactoryDBCR

    Are any of your relatives in a band that has made it?

    I smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins. Does that count?
  18. FearFactoryDBCR

    I Just Pulled My Mustache Out Of My Face

    We know what the heavy metal lifestyle's all about. :metal:
  19. FearFactoryDBCR

    I Just Pulled My Mustache Out Of My Face

    If it's any consellation, i did the exact same thing with my pubes. I used the three P's to help of course; Pliers Patience and Paper towels LETS GO TEAM NO HAIR!