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  1. WarMachine

    Why have Dean guitars seemed to have fallen so far out of the spotlight?

    Exactly. No one since him has shown it any love on the bigger stage. I'll stick with ML's till I can't play anymore. They fit me perfectly.
  2. WarMachine

    I need a bass rig!

    https://www.zzounds.com/item--HARHALX5500?siid=274187 This is the way..
  3. WarMachine

    a new pc woe...

    FIXED! Scratch all this shit, turns out the top new fan i put in was pressing against the board causing it to short out, we're back in business! Thanks for all the pointers guys!
  4. WarMachine

    a new pc woe...

    No dice dudes. Put the CMOS battery back in, nothing. Reseated the CPU, nothing. Tried another PSU with just the CPU/Main power to the board, nothing. The board powers up, no video. At this point im gonna have to assume it could only be the motherboard..
  5. WarMachine

    a new pc woe...

    Not a bad idea. At this point, if the board is shot I'd have to take the guts out anyways. I'll try pulling it later and jumping the power on the pins.
  6. WarMachine

    a new pc woe...

    Right? Fuckin sucks the big D for sure. I wouldn't have imagined it could be the board, it's not more than 3 years old. And it never gets ran very hard or for very long periods of time. I had something similar happen with an old optiplex that I was squeezing some retro gaming out of. Got...
  7. WarMachine

    a new pc woe...

    Between that and a different psu those are literally the only things I haven't tried. I'll give that a shot later after work. All I did was add 4 fucking fans...wtf? Lol. And that was the first thing I did, I unplugged each fan hoping that would be the culprit but no dice. What else is odd is...
  8. WarMachine

    a new pc woe...

    i did, i even tried it with the power to the CPU being unplugged from the PSU to the board and got the same result; no boot, got power, but no video signal at all. In the end i tried it with 3 different GPU's, a GT1030, GTX1650 and the GTX1070. And it's a Ryzen 5 3600, so no integrated...
  9. WarMachine

    a new pc woe...

    yeah tried that as well. i've had the CMOS battery sitting out for like 20 mins lol, gonna wrap up watching a few more vides and putting it back in but im not holding my breath. Im like you, im thinking even though it's not that old it may be shot too. Fuckin sucks. The last thing i can try...
  10. WarMachine

    a new pc woe...

    not that the PC is new. I built it 3 years ago when COVID hit. I have a Gigabyte B450M DS3H, the one that is compatible with the 3000 series Ryzen's, a Ryzen 3600 16GB of G.Skill DDR4 ram, an EVGA 500 PSU, and recently picked up a used GTX1070 OC. Today i get some new fans in the mail, the PC...
  11. WarMachine

    Megadeth onstage with Marty Friedman again?

    MARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..... ......... .............. ...that is all
  12. WarMachine

    Castlevania Chronicles II - Simon's Quest OST

    Im gonna give it another quick playthrough and i'll be releasing it today!
  13. WarMachine

    Castlevania Chronicles II - Simon's Quest OST

    Sup dudes? A few of you already know, i've been working on a fan remake of Simon's Quest since last July. I'm putting it out for public release (later this afternoon lol) but i just wrapped up the track list and front/back cover art for the OST. If anyone's interested, give it a spin;
  14. WarMachine

    How can I improve this mix?

    maybe try adding a high shelf to the synths in the background and the guitars. That would definitely give them more "air"
  15. WarMachine

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    Kratos, the Toxic Avenger God?
  16. WarMachine

    Credit reel track (orchestral)

    Just wrapped up the credit reel track that will play when you beat the game i'm working on. Just orchestra and drums, no brootz this time lol
  17. WarMachine

    More PODGO bass toanz

    So i started messing around a little bit with the bass on my PODGo again..lol. I picked up the CLA Bass plugin for 30 bucks. Had it years ago and loved it and was curious how it would sound now with how i do my shit, plus my new bass and pups. This is a boss track from my Castlevania 2 remake...
  18. WarMachine

    Castlevania Chronicles II : Simon's Quest (my fan remake)

    UPDATE; I ran the full game through my gaming PC, since this would be a good test to see how the game responds to another PC. I found some issues along the way, thankfully very VERY simple ones and NOTHING game breaking. I took note of each issue as i found them. Yesterday, i knocked out a...