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  1. DancingCloseToU

    D'Addario EXL140-8 color code wrong

    Sounds like a common theme with the NYXL sets. I came across this thread after a search and didn't want to start a new thread. I was putting on a fresh set of NYXL 09|80 8- string set and noticed that the copper and purple colors were swapped on the low strings... the difference between the .60...
  2. DancingCloseToU

    RIP Eric Devries

    That dude is how I found this forum, my namesake and everything... RIP
  3. DancingCloseToU

    Kramer Baretta Special mod project

    I love it! Seriously killer work I know it's probably much more trouble than it's worth, but a pink headstock/black logo would slay
  4. DancingCloseToU

    28/25 fanned fret truss rod length?

    @atracksler I use a guitar truss rod, and 2 carbon fiber inserts (one on either side parallel to the truss rod). I've seen a handful of builders use two parallel truss rods for 8 string guitars. I don't believe there's any sort of standard protocol here, so long as it provides the correct...
  5. DancingCloseToU

    New 8 String Design

    This is a hot looking mockup, I dig it.
  6. DancingCloseToU

    28/25 fanned fret truss rod length?

    I'm with you on the pickups, but I personally find a 3" fan quite comfortable. My next build is going to be a 3.4" scale difference (26"-29.4"). YMMV I suppose. Either way, an 18 inch truss rod and carbon fiber neck rods will certainly do the trick.
  7. DancingCloseToU

    first headless build

    Lookin solid. I'm really starting to come around to these headless designs. What program did you draft the 2D model in?
  8. DancingCloseToU

    IGC 2019 Summer Build Challenge

    Lookin snazzy. Unfortunately most of the pictures aren't loading for me 8,(
  9. DancingCloseToU

    Are there any 90 gauge strings that are tapered for a 27inch scale 8 string?

    Back in the day, I used a dremel with a conical sanding bit. Careful not hollow the post too much, it still has to withstand heavy string tension. I then smoothed the edges with hand files and some fine grit sandpaper.
  10. DancingCloseToU

    Deegatron's 2019 Summer Build Challenge: Winner!!!

    looks pretty rad. I'm certainly excited to see how the body turns out, but could you possibly post the outcomes/finishing methods of some of the finished scrap you end up choosing from?
  11. DancingCloseToU

    I mean....im kinda curious....

    $64 seems reasonable for a hillbilly djentstick (assuming it's playable)
  12. DancingCloseToU

    NGD: Agile Hawker 82527

    I dig it, but that "headstock" piece is really throwing me off.
  13. DancingCloseToU

    NGD: Skervesen Shoggie 8!

    Daaaaaamn! That thing is hawt! HNGD
  14. DancingCloseToU

    7-string Fan fret hardtail.

    Yeah... The perpendicular fret is going to be the big factor in the bridge angle, as well as scale lengths.
  15. DancingCloseToU

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    I think this belongs here...
  16. DancingCloseToU

    Best Lightweight locking tuners.

    Now, I've heard of gram counting in action sports/games, racing, professional clowning, etc. but counting grams on your guitar? This is taking the term "weight weenie" to a whole new level... Guitar playing weight weenies? Awesome, I'm a weakling too, sign me up! I need a SUPER ERGO...
  17. DancingCloseToU

    Plain strings abuse?

    Right now the string sets for my 8s look something like this - .007, .0095, .012, .016, .020p, .030w, .042, .064 tuned - A4, E4, C4, G3, D3, A2, E2, A1 @ ~15lbs of tension per string I've been able to regularly achieve A4 on my Agile Pendulum 82527 with D'addario NYXL .007s. Before the NYXLs it...
  18. DancingCloseToU

    Plain strings abuse?

    I've actually been playing with a .007 and 5 plain strings for years... It only makes sense on my 8 strings that I tune up to A440. :nuts:
  19. DancingCloseToU

    Choice of Pickup for baritone detuned

    Not trying hard to nitpick or anything, and I think I know what you mean, but just to clarify... Are you actually playing "detuned", or do you mean "down-tuned"? I'm assuming the latter based on whole the ERG/baritone thing. Pickup choice is extremely subjective, but playing out of tune (or...