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  1. manu80

    Movies you've been watching...

    watched scream 5 yesterday before maybe checking the 6th, and my daughter wanted to know what it was as Jenny "wednesday" Ortega starred in...well nothing new here. The scariest part was seeing Courtney cox and her surgery...
  2. manu80

    NGRD: I See a Reb Beach And I Want it Painted Black

    Great Job! I even wonder if wouldn't have kept it natural ! Great guitar too !
  3. manu80

    Why have Dean guitars seemed to have fallen so far out of the spotlight?

    Not sure that young players today give a damn about Schenker or Dime...
  4. manu80

    Why have Dean guitars seemed to have fallen so far out of the spotlight?

    I like the fact that they're different and edgy (and yeah the graphic bordello was too much), but I don't think i fit the description above. Their Korean line is pretty good (i had a cadillac and a razorback that were flawless). Their usa are just awesome. Friend of mine has a Z usa and it's...
  5. manu80

    Post Random Pics of Your 6s.

    Well i finally got my M3 back. Previous owner had the fretboard redone because the previous one had a crack but the fretjob was really bad. Inlyas are different but i can live with it. So total re fret, and new clear on the neck. New PG, but the whole body was really in good shape, compared to...
  6. manu80

    T.V. shows you've been watching

    I liked TLoU, despite the "One flash back every 2 episodes". Breaks the pace for sure. I also agree the last episode ended abrubtly. Hope S2 will change that. Finished Poker Face yesterday. Wasn't sold on it at the beginning but some spisodes are really fun and the conclusion was good. Anyways...
  7. manu80

    Megadeth onstage with Marty Friedman again?

    Glad to see them together even if I'm never sold on all the "i love your playing, you're awesome blablabla..." Still, Mustaine's joke on the drummer/guitarist and Marty 's face was fun
  8. manu80

    Epiphone "inspired by Gibson custom shop" Korina Explorer and V.

    I get the point (and was waiting for it ;) ) but the epi , if like the ones made previously, really just wear the name Korina because of the amber tint they have. The wood isn't even close to a good piece of limba or Korina, just look at the grain...so my point is if i wanna get just a decent...
  9. manu80

    Epiphone "inspired by Gibson custom shop" Korina Explorer and V.

    So Epi's explo is 1333 euros at thomann, and an antique gibson explo is 1690 euros ....well we're loosin the epi affordability we once had.... from 1K difference to 300 euros....choice is made..
  10. manu80

    Epiphone "inspired by Gibson custom shop" Korina Explorer and V.

    When I think korina (or Limba) I think woodgrain. Like more contrast than mahogany. Those look like just tainted in yellow wood....
  11. manu80

    New Metallica: Screaming Suicide

    Found time to listen to the new song between the new Extreme single, new The darkness and Steel Panther albums ;) !!!! Well i must say i’m very curious about the whole album to come, like … a lot ! Screaming suicide was a bit meh but Lux and If darkness… sounds like good metallica to me, and...
  12. manu80

    Oh hey Extreme is finally back

    Great song, happy to see them back
  13. manu80

    ESP 2023

    Wish the holt would just be a straight V without the little cutout on the upper frets, it just breaks the whole shape imo
  14. manu80

    Megadeth onstage with Marty Friedman again?

    ;) Had a big smile on my face, so cool to see them together. Reminded me in paris for countdown...Marty ended the concert playing on the Jackson roswell !....Friedman's playing is really weird, with fingers, and that insane wrist angle.... Still, Mustaine's vocals are really dead now...
  15. manu80

    Current BC Rich Thread

    I want a candy purple import gunslinger....
  16. manu80

    2023 News ?

    there should be a revamp version of the Broderick too
  17. manu80

    2023 News ?

    I was so hoping for the slime scott ian !!!!!!!! great ! Wish they would have kept the black hardware though like the USA.....
  18. manu80

    NGD Molly Hatchet sig Les Paul

    Drop it on reverb 4 times the price !!! Well they’d have gone with the death dealer painting…i would have tried to get one for sure !
  19. manu80

    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    Last Coffee with Ola show w/ John Petrucci is very good. And, not spoiling it but Ola's reaction to one of Petrucci's demand is moving, thought he was about to cry ;) Nice moment.
  20. manu80

    T.V. shows you've been watching

    Tried Poker face yesterday, from peacock and Rian johnson. Nothing new here...., i liked an old Columbo episode better.