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  1. larry

    Show Me Your YouTube Channel! Let's Scratch Each Others Backs

    Thanks man, dog couch is a necessity. :yesway: Haven’t seen your posts since mg.org, how the heck are you man?
  2. larry

    Show Me Your YouTube Channel! Let's Scratch Each Others Backs

    sure, I’ll post something—mediocre guitar cover: Paul, please don’t be mad at me. Also, good vibrato is hard, matching bends is hard... but I’m obsessed with both!
  3. larry

    Earplugs... any solution for this issue?

    Gun muffs, maybe? The electronic type.. Originally designed to amplify speech using external mics and then shut off if noise over a certain threshold is detected --i.e. muzzle blast. In rev's use case, assuming he isn't standing within arm's length of the drummer, he could use a pair of these...
  4. larry

    What Is Your Name?

  5. larry

    Samurai Showdown 2019

    :yum: I hope it launches on PC also..
  6. larry

    Floyd Rose 8 pro?!!

    ohhhh. oooohhhh maaan.
  7. larry

    Who here can drive a stick?

    Best friend taught me back in ‘03, before buying a ‘98 eclipse gs.. loved that car, drove it for 10 years. drive an ‘08 g37s 6mt now. Clutch has a long throw but short ‘window’. Smooth launches from 1st we’re tough, even thought about swapping for an adjustable fulcrum pedal. Hurt my lower back...
  8. larry

    The .strandberg* Thread

    Was totally referring to the neck-through Boden models. Oh yessss, dat heel ‘does it’ for me. Not too worried about anyone else’s assessment and I don’t expect much impact from my 2 cents either. I simply know what I like, I like what I see and I am free to express my desires.
  9. larry

    The .strandberg* Thread

    Even better; an almost non-existent heel can be achieved without needing to use neck-through construction.
  10. larry

    The .strandberg* Thread

    AMEN!!! or release neck-through production models, that bulky heel is the only complaint I have about my boden OS-8. I like Ola, I want to support the guy. Really. But $6k+ and possibly a year wait (or longer) to have the best neck-through heel since the Parker fly, hurts a little. Might as...
  11. larry

    Japan Airlines offers free guitar boxes

    With malicious intent. Had a similar issue w/ Air Canada back in 2016. Bought a SRC-608b from a pawnshop in Quebec City, then a new hard case from a small guitar shop. Fortunately it was the hard case that took the damage. Filed a claim regardless and when they asked me to take it to a leather...
  12. larry

    The .strandberg* Thread

    I hope production neck through Bodens are announced at NAMM. Brolaire’s right man, I hate the heel on my Boden OS 8. I love everything else, though.
  13. larry

    Bands that use triple or more bass drum?

    Yeah I like Thomas, his 4-limb independence is great. Makes me want to learn drums. Funny guy too, IMO.
  14. larry

    Do you guys prefer bolt on to neck through for any reason other than cost?

    Pretty much a deal-breaker these days if it has a bolt-on neck, unless the particular guitar has some new tech I’m interested in like the boden OS8 I have. When production neck-through Strandbergs happen, I’ll be selling it on.
  15. larry

    The Story Behind Parental Advisory Stickers - Housewives vs. Rock ‘n’ Roll

    Agreed with the anti censorship sentiment. Kids will eventually be exposed to explicit media. Seems better to explain what it is and how it should be handled. Hiding it is futile.
  16. larry

    Who´s your favorite bass player?

    Bill Dickens Wayman Tisdale Ryan Martinie Evan Brewer Giani Serino Andy Irvine Adam Nitti Outside of the usual suspects these guys have stood out to me the most, in no particular order. They each have a very tasteful vocabulary, pleasant tone and can get shreddy as needed. Though I haven't...
  17. larry

    My drummer is going to make my head explode - earplugs help

    It would be great to be able to withstand a dynamic range of over 200-db, hear things as they are meant to be heard. Alas, affordable elective cochlear implants are still a ways off and I'm not sure of audio quality.. So my friend, any of the solutions mentioned above would do wonders for your...
  18. larry

    Why Do Some Guitarists Remove the Tone Knob/Pot?

    i personally use the bridge pickup 99% of the time, that 1% is only because i recently started experimenting with neck + bridge pups in series and happen to like that for leads and cleans. most of the time i prefer to plug in and go. So iv'e added a push/pull pot to my m8m, wired as a blower...
  19. larry

    Mesa 2:90 strictly for bedroom use? HELP!

    To be specific; I would keep both channels of the 2:90 at 25 to 50%, then use the master output volume of my AxeFX to attenuate as needed. I know nothing about the engl pre, but if the op can get it to saturate nicely before hitting the master gain stage, then he can use it to attenuate AND...
  20. larry

    Mesa 2:90 strictly for bedroom use? HELP!

    Have used a 2:90 at home for years. Yes you can run it at bedroom levels, I've done so with 4 cabs just fine. But when you turn up to 'rehearsal' volume, you may never want to go back. If the price is too good, .... the haters.