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  1. iddqd

    What game are you playing?

    Final Fantasy 7 - damn, i kinda forgot everything of that epic game. Dunno why, it's fantastic storytelling. Next stop, FF 8! And a bit coop in Magicka with a friend. Pretty fun for some time. To bad it's still a bit buggy.
  2. iddqd

    David Maxim Micic

    There are some tab-snippets at guitarmessanger.com: Guitar Messenger – Extended Range Composition
  3. iddqd

    Gotta see this. So cool. [cool cat inside]

    monorailfail at 0:47
  4. iddqd


    Illdisposed always reminds me to the legendary growl karaoke:
  5. iddqd

    POD...should I?

    I spent dozens of hours tweaking my pod tone. Better don't expect to get a great tone within a few days. The Blackstar HT5 seems to be a pretty nice home head. While i never tried one myself, the stuff you can find on youtube is absolutely stunning (check the fearedse review). Think this would...
  6. iddqd

    How to figure out what lvl I'm at and what I *should* be learning?

    Your situation reminds me a lot to myself. I ended up by scales (from the beginning) and using a metronome for practice. Furthermore i managed to switched from buying lots of hardware and started buying books and stuff. At least until now :x
  7. iddqd

    New ShredTraining website

    Imo the shiny blue of the logo doesn't match the other colors well. Except that i dig the design, great work.
  8. iddqd

    What are you listening to?

    Epic, have not heared that for years now. Can anyone recommend me something similar?
  9. iddqd

    Crikey the Germans arent so boring after all (orgy content)

    I would not have understood a word if it were not subtitled :lol: Which episode is that?!
  10. iddqd

    Looking into seven strings for the first time

    Or how about a LTD MH 417? LTD STANDARD SERIES MH-417 Black Satin 7-String Electric Guitar
  11. iddqd

    Here are my Line6 presets(but I need a favor in return)

    MS 2001 Cali Diamond Plate 4x12 2001 Treadplate Condenser 0% And a crazy Comp setting with Gain at 100. Need to try this with my tones right now :) Edit: Works pretty well, thanks man! :-)
  12. iddqd

    Horrifying facts on the Japan nuclear disaster and nuclear power in general:

    Well, there's a major difference: The sun uses nuclear fusion. Splitting atoms is kid's stuff.:spock:
  13. iddqd

    Which 7 is better in low tunings?

    Afaik there are plenty of sub-wood-types used for guitar building, so i don't think you can say that any wood is generally better than the other. I don't think that they'll use crappy wood for the horizons though.
  14. iddqd

    Quantum Revolution

    I got plenty of great german stuff about quantums and astrophysics. It's a shame that this isn't available in english :-/ All you poor guys got about the double split experiment on youtube seems to be the doctor quantum crap. I'd never hooked on this topic by that. I'm absolutely addicted to...
  15. iddqd

    Amazing youtube players who don't get enough attension.

    Robarcover Always flawless, alway great quality. Plus he did some sybreed covers. :hbang:
  16. iddqd

    Websites we all need to know about...

    Yea, bash.org is epic! Here are some more quotes: <death09>my girlfriend broke up with me and sent me pix of her and her new boyfriend in bed <ktp753>ouch. <death09>yeah.i sent them to her dad <JonTG> Man, my penis is so big if I laid it out on a keyboard it'd go all the way from A to Z...
  17. iddqd

    Mnemic Rules

    Too bad there are like no tabs of Sons of a System. :-( Closesd band to mnemic is imo SEES. Listen to 'Slowly' here if you don't know them.