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  1. jaxadam

    Because I’m a child of the 80’s …

    Cannot see
  2. jaxadam

    NGD: RG652AHMFX Pristige

    Beautiful man. Enjoy!
  3. jaxadam

    Constant hum after "rebuild"

  4. jaxadam

    Landscape/Garden Projects Thread!

    Guess who's back?
  5. jaxadam

    coffee thread

    I mean it is really hard to tell what holiday it is around here...
  6. jaxadam

    EVs vs ICEs

    I would absolutely take one of these:
  7. jaxadam

    NGD. I've come full circle. Lol

    Looks like a monster ripper slammer to me.
  8. jaxadam

    Buses or Busses?

  9. jaxadam

    HNGD… old school

    geometry dash
  10. jaxadam

    NGD: Caparison content

    drift boss
  11. jaxadam

    Soldano SLO 30 - Les Paul Playthrough

    Man that is a great sounding amp.
  12. jaxadam

    EVs vs ICEs

  13. jaxadam

    Reel-to-reel tape machine recording

    I hear you man I back to 7 half days a week…. 12 hours a day!
  14. jaxadam

    AI Generated Metal...

  15. jaxadam

    Chocolate thunder from down under

    Sorry to hear man. 20 years is a good run for a dog. Losing a pet is one of the hardest things I’ve gone through. Don’t worry about the small setbacks. In my opinion it is more valuable to have those periodic fried catfish, hush puppy, and three coke meals and just start a new day back on...
  16. jaxadam

    Come see us on tour!

    Man I’m not gonna be able to make any of those!
  17. jaxadam

    The difference between playing sloppy and playing realistic.

    Speak for myself... I mean yourself!
  18. jaxadam

    Show Me Your Caparison Thread

    The Horus is a nice guitar. Mine feels great, the body is pretty lightweight for mahogany, and the only thing underwhelming were the stock pickups. I've talked about this at length but I put a Duncan Hybrid JB/Custom 5 and Hot Rails in there and now that thing is a machine.
  19. jaxadam

    Show Me Your Caparison Thread

    Neck feels great, not too thick or thin. Heel is no problem. 27th fret access is pretty tricky.