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  1. Flick

    To those that have moved on from a Tube amp to a SS/modeling rig.

    I have a Kemper. Bought a EVH stealth to get back to tube tone. Then ended up buying a two notes captor x to play the EVH at bedroom level, record direct, etc. Having different IRs with the two notes opened up a lot of different tones from the EVH. The Kemper is collecting dust now.
  2. Flick

    İbanez rgr5221 black metal

    I have the rgr5221. It’s become my main guitar. Mostly play death metal. The BK Brute force pickups have a nice eq curve and plenty of output for the style of music you want to play. If you need more, I’d suggest getting a boost or overdrive pedal. Those pickups stay nice and clear through an...
  3. Flick

    Why the 5150 III 50w Heads are the Best Amps Ever Made

    What are you guys boosting your EVH stealth with?
  4. Flick

    Solar "Chug" Pedal - Available Now!

    How long until we see a solar boost pedal?
  5. Flick

    Why the 5150 III 50w Heads are the Best Amps Ever Made

    Just ordered the 100w Stealth. Pretty stoked to see how it stack up against the Kemper. I’ve been using stealth profiles through a cab for band rehearsals.
  6. Flick

    Explorer fans...Gibson may be granting your wish.

    I’ve been waiting for this guitar to be reissued forever. I’ll def be getting one. I do see them pop up used for prices that a new reissue would cost.
  7. Flick

    Brandon Ellis Jackson Sig?

    Nope. Just cancelled a pre order placed one year ago.
  8. Flick

    Schecter KM-7 (Keith Merrow) Signature Thread

    What did you mod?
  9. Flick

    Schecter KM-7 (Keith Merrow) Signature Thread

    The MKII body feels more comfortable. The sharp horns on the MKIII are easier to damage. Every guitar weighs different, even the same model. My MKII is 14oz heavier than the MKIII. I prefer the standard locking tuners on the MKII. Pickups are the same in both. I prefer the location of the...
  10. Flick

    Schecter KM-7 (Keith Merrow) Signature Thread

    Look for an MKII. I have the mkII and the mkIII. MkII wins.
  11. Flick

    Should I sell my Ibanez RG652 to get an RG5121?

    I sold some gear to get my RG5121. It was the right move for me. The honeymoon phase has passed and I still think it’s the best playing/quality guitar I own. Stainless steel frets have a smoother feel. Either way, you’ll have a Prestige which is a guitar that will serve you well forever. If...
  12. Flick

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    I hope we see another 5000 series 7 string. Really want a prestige 7 with stainless steel frets. No trem.
  13. Flick

    Ibanez 2022 discussion.

    I missed out on the RG5227. Looking for a 7 with a fixed bridge that isnt all black. I found one on reverb that lists as a prestige but the headstock isn’t marked as a prestige. I’d prefer stainless frets as well. Can anyone chime in on fret material and model(prestige?) for this listing...
  14. Flick

    Why the 5150 III 50w Heads are the Best Amps Ever Made

    I’m stuck on a decision between a Revv Generator MKIII or EVH Stealth 100. I have a two notes captor x and a zuul so the direct and noise gate features won’t play into the decision. It’s down to tone. I could get away with a one channel amp, honestly. Tight, percussive death metal(decapitated...
  15. Flick

    Expensive/cheap looking guitars

    I used to think Ibanez looked cheap until I played one. I bought a prestige for 2k. It’s the best sounding and playing guitar to my taste. It beats anything I’ve spent 500 or 4K on. With all of the variables in wood, components, and builders… it’s really hard to say what is the best. I think I...
  16. Flick

    Kemper Profiling Amp Thread

    Powered KPA is my go to rig for every application. It’s got enough volume for full band rehearsal, stage volume and sounds great at low volumes or with headphones. Your tone is also more consistent by taking tubes out of the question. Best case scenario is making your own profile with your own...
  17. Flick

    Ibanez RG 5221 feedback?

    It arrived today! The build quality is outstanding. Really digging the stock pickups. Playability 10/10.
  18. Flick

    Ibanez RG 5221 feedback?

    Anyone have any experience with this guitar they could share? https://www.ibanez.com/eu/products/detail/rgr5221_00_01.html
  19. Flick

    Brandon Ellis Jackson Sig?

    Jackson rep said they just received a large batch and they are going through inspection. Should be going out to dealers in the next week.
  20. Flick

    Brandon Ellis Jackson Sig?

    Anyone else waiting on the preorder? I ordered from zzounds back in July. The keep pushing the estimated delivery back a week or two each time I’ve checked in. I get the “supply chain delays” stuff but I see other guitars coming in stock from Jackson. Must be a specific reason for this guitar...