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  1. Spicypickles

    Soldano SLO 30 - Les Paul Playthrough

    I guess to add on a little bit, I really love the “walls of sound” shit ala Townsend or Rammstein etc, but even then this hits so hard as something I really want. It’s funny running through the Fm3 and picking amps and I gravitate towards Marshall’s and other “British” flavors, but my recorded...
  2. Spicypickles

    Soldano SLO 30 - Les Paul Playthrough

    Fuck me, this sounds great.
  3. Spicypickles

    Constant hum after "rebuild"

    Just came to say I like the buccees avatar
  4. Spicypickles

    ESP Owners Club-Show Us Your ESPs!

    That m7 is sick. Swap those pups - emg85x is probably my favorite bridge pickup
  5. Spicypickles

    Why have Dean guitars seemed to have fallen so far out of the spotlight?

    The most offensive thing about any of those guitars is that fucking string through plate. I cannot stand those.
  6. Spicypickles

    What bands did you see live recently / are waiting to see?

    Got some presale Spotify led tickets to the upcoming BTBAM show in June (I think). It’s parallax in full, sounds awesome to me. I think that’s where a lot of people feel they started sounding samesies, but I felt it more after coma ecliptic. That’s when it started feeling a bit more formulaic...
  7. Spicypickles

    What kind of guitar tone/mix do you prefer

    Modern stuff really hits nice sometimes, but I really think I prefer the “space” that older production styles offered. Modern music is way too in your face and brick walled.
  8. Spicypickles

    Post Your GAS

    Is that another Dave David Davidson?
  9. Spicypickles

    ESP Standard Series M-II NTB vs bolt on?

    I never thought the difference was that much. The bolt on is just slightly flatter IME.
  10. Spicypickles

    Random Pics of Your Sevens

    Fed smoker eh? Must be a ymh fan.
  11. Spicypickles

    RG7620 & RG7420 rebuilds

    Dye them boards, bruh.
  12. Spicypickles

    Periphery Megathread: Everything Periphery

    I wonder if they went into writing “Everything is Fine” like let’s do a carbomb song
  13. Spicypickles

    Strings only lasting a couple days at most

    Most strings die pretty quickly in my experience, but as posted before by someone (sorry), they mostly come from the same place. The only ones I’ve had a consistently better experience from are elixirs and nyxl’s.
  14. Spicypickles

    Periphery Megathread: Everything Periphery

    Really digging the new album, bar a couple songs but they’re clearly trying something different which I appreciate. Love the juggernaut throw back, I loved those albums.
  15. Spicypickles

    Dealbreakers. What are yours?

    I’m really struggling to think of an actual “dealbreaker”. I like variety and have all kinds of shit - 20” to 9”radii, vintage trems, Floyd’s, single coils, buckers, TOM’s and hipshots, 21 , 22, 24 frets, stainless and nickel frets, light shitty rosewood boards and maple/ebony ones. I just like...
  16. Spicypickles

    Unpopular opinions on gear

    Adding to the strat headstock hate - the big 70’s headstocks suck so hard. The original is king.
  17. Spicypickles

    None of the big four thrash bands have ever played Ibanez

    On that topic Kiko plays ibbies
  18. Spicypickles

    None of the big four thrash bands have ever played Ibanez

    Hammett had an ibby on your that he straight up abused during the “solo” every night on the black album tour.
  19. Spicypickles

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    Fades and gradients are the new cancer wood burls. Let’s get over it already.