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    Seymour Duncan Invader maybe??

    Glad you went with the invader OP! Got mine installed on my epi explorer a few weeks and it’s super fun. Kinda like a warmer emg 81, sorta. Stoked with my choice, hope you’re similarly psyched!
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    Brief little SD Invader love letter

    Yeah I was close to getting the black winters, I figure they're probably technically better pickups. But if we're all being honest a huge part of guitar playing is aesthetics and weird, manchild wish fulfillment so it was an easy choice in the end!
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    Brief little SD Invader love letter

    Hey fellas just a short thing. I know invaders are pretty controversial, but I've loved the aesthetic ever since I was 15 or so? So with the last tax return I got, I decided to chuck them in to my old Epiphone explorer, get the whole thing set up again, basically please my teenage self. My...
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    PRS Multiscale 7

    When I'm poor and I talk about inequality, I'm bitter. When I'm rich and I talk about inequality, I'm a hypocrit! It's almost like people don't like thinking about the topic, like it makes them uncomfortable. Liking nice things, liking aesthetically pleasing things =/= spending $15k on a guitar...
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    PRS Multiscale 7

    Someone who's bemused/concerned at the ridiculous level of inequality in the world? I'm not saying "become a monk". I am saying, if you're dropping 15k on an instrument with no added functionality over one that's a third of the cost, then a good, long look at yourself is long overdue edit: I'm...
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    Post Your GAS

    The dunable asteroid has been making me feel funny in my groin region as of late. Seven string version of this, warpigs, chrome hardware on light blue, one volume knob.. I'm pretty confident that once I get this I will never need another new guitar. Hopefully later this year.
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    Stratotone Inspired Multiscale 7 String

    That is cool! Sort of, I think. It's awesomely pointless, but yknow sometimes the best stuff is art for the sake of art. I'd play the crap out of one if I a) had the chance b) knew a single hawaiian sounding song
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    PRS Multiscale 7

    I'm inclined to think that people who spend millions of dollars on yachts are douchebags, and the same applies to people who are willing to drop over 10k on a guitar that they won't really play. The guitar itself is kinda cool looking, but in many ways I've tended to view the gaudier top end...
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    Thinking about Floyd'ing my Custom 24

    there needs to a guitar version of child protection services, so someone can take the PRS off this dude, give him.. I dunno a rubbish chinese Ibanez with a licensed floyd or something. I just don't want to see any guitars hurt :(
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    Kiesel Osiris Series Double Necks....Ok...

    I try not to jump on the kiesel hatewagon but man, what a massive eyesore. I think it's cool to have the option of a FF/normal doubleneck, and while 12/6 up to 16/8 seems like the obvious doubleneck options I can theoretically see the need for the current string options if you're in a really...
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    (NGD) Fakemachine B7

    Having it both ways sounds like a great idea. Like throughout human history, people have built on other people's works. Not just artistic stuff either, science, architecture, etc etc. You build on other people's stuff and then someone gets your stuff and makes it cheaper, more accessible...
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    Mid sized/mid priced tube recs for a kook

    Hey my dudes, So after my last recording session I've decided that my amp kinda sounds vaguely ass-y with recording, or that at least I want a slightly more abrasive tone than my current orange dual terror can give me. I'm thus looking to trade. At the moment I have an Orange Dual Terror going...
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    NGD Zirocashter.

    maaan that's good. I still reckon your fruity flamingo pink 8 was your masterpiece, but this is real close. Any chance you're keen on swapping it for a beaten up 2002 epiphone pewter explorer? :cool:
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    Kiesel ZEUS Bolt on headless waaaaaaaaaaaaaat

    Out of all the headless guitars I've seen it's definitely the one I hate the least. Yeah it's a fairly big, boaty, bloated sorta shape but i guess I'm a fairly big, bloated guy, so I feel like it fits! Even the 25 million colour ones get 5/10, which for me, talking about gaudy kiesel guitars-...
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    Custom 2x15 "help a noob" thread (oz dudes pls hlp)

    Hey guys, I'm looking at upgrading my setup to a 2x15 cab. My old orange 2x12 was nicked years ago, i'm back to a pissy 1x12 etc etc. Without wanting to rationalise it too much, I find the idea of a 2x15 really cool. A proper rig of doom. Main problem- well really there's a few problems, is: 1...
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    Well, I've been meaning to get an ESP for about a hundred billion years (thanks Hetfield), I've been wanting to upgrade my seven for a while as I never fully got used to the hipshot bridge on my Ormsby HypeGTR, and I've been GAS-ing on a tele shape guitar for a long ass time, so I figured I...
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    Gibson Files for Bankruptcy

    I feel like I got pretty lucky with the two les pauls I had. First one.. bought completely blind in 2005. Amazing guitar- I'm not sure if I got a particularly nice bit of wood but it was ridiculously heavy, far heavier than any other guitar I've played, and it was a complete force of nature...
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    Hey mate just some fan mail. I'm not normally a fan of 8 string super strat multi scales at all...

    Hey mate just some fan mail. I'm not normally a fan of 8 string super strat multi scales at all but that flaminco pink one you did way back is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. There's something about it.. just a guitar like that would DEMAND that you write some utterly cosmic music on it...
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    Downtuned trad-ish metal

    Hey fellas, So I'm a fairly big Visigoth fan and I really like how they basically play traditional USPM, but in B. It combines two of my favourite things- big old riffs and a distorted downtuned guitar. Here is a youtube of them doing their thing.
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    New Outrun the Sunlight single, "Red Bird" FFO: Caspian, Russian Circles, Cloudkicker

    It's kinda cool man. big caspian fan (although I didn't get my username from them, Caspian is my IRL first name, anyway), I feel like it's in a bit of an odd place in that it the tune doesn't really know whether to prog on or drift away or riff and thus feels a bit unfocused. I've given your...