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  1. Crundles

    Fortin Meshuggah amps

    Ola appears to have a video on it:
  2. Crundles

    The Downsides of Headless Guitars?

    I find it adorable how people fear looking dorky with a headless, as if any living soul will ever watch them play Actual downsides of headless guitars: - Hardware can be meh - Hangers and stands - I don't own enough of them - I can't play the single one I do own, because I am bad at guitar
  3. Crundles

    Mitchell MM100 mini guitar

    Mini-guitars are cool. I keep getting tempted by the Jackson Minion stuff whenever I see them online.
  4. Crundles

    Do you need a multiscale guitar?

    I really like the green one Not quite sure why Schecter decided that the initial version should be in a lovely "Our Precious Bodily Fluids White" colour, but, hey.
  5. Crundles

    Emily Hopkins fans?

    She's pretty cool, ye. Wouldn't call myself a "fan", but she has an interesting musical channel with chill vibes, and that's always welcome.
  6. Crundles

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    Normally I'd understand where you're coming from However Teuffel deserves to be in this thread more than 3/4s of the "I won't let my peg leg and pirate hook stop me from pursuing my dream to build guitars" objects posted here
  7. Crundles

    Post Your GAS

    Everyone now and again I'll randomly remember "Oh, right, the Suhr Neon Drip is a thing that exists!" These moments make me happy that it exists, and sad that it exists at a price. Truly, we live in a society
  8. Crundles

    Thoughts on GUITAR TEACHER REACTS videos?

    I wouldn't really blink an eye if all music reaction vids disappeared overnight, but the Firearms Expert Reacts videos I find genuinely enjoyable. Maybe because I love videogames and have 0 clue about real-life guns, no idea. I mean - look at it, dude's got a stone-age gun on hand, AND he isn't...
  9. Crundles

    Bands that never lived up the hype or their potential

    Yeah, This Godless Endeavour will probably remain my number 1 most favourite album in metal, and The Obsidian Conspiracy, uh, is definitely one of the albums that Nevermore recorded. It does have some pretty decent songs, and I still think Emptiness Unobstructed is a super cool and accessible...
  10. Crundles

    NK Headless Mod & Art Project (pic heavy)

    21st century is getting wild, yo Also, I really like the EVH-y pickguard. I don't think it should be smaller, but it might be cool to have the entire top with the grey criss-cross pattern, with a clear pickguard on top.
  11. Crundles

    DiMarzio D Activator / D Activator X comparison

    On the solo track I really like the D-Activator X, but I'm listening through a """gaming""" headset, and who the heck knows what it's doing to the frequencies 🤷‍♂️
  12. Crundles

    What percent of guitar/amp/gear sales are for "metal" vs. other genres?

    I think it's fair to say that metal in general is NOT influenced by classical. Individual prominent musicians within metal ARE very much influenced by classical. That really shouldn't be a surprise, though. I feel like people with formal musical education will always have broad influences, just...
  13. Crundles

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    Slap some googly eyes on this bad boy, and we're off to the races.
  14. Crundles

    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    Praying to any and all possible deities for 26.5 inch 7-string.
  15. Crundles

    can scales be subjective?

    If it sounds good, it is good. You can then use music theory to understand WHY it sounds good, and how to replicate/modify/expand it with other notes, but this is analysis after the fact; the fact being - it sounds good.
  16. Crundles

    HB Amarok EX - some of you might like it... 6 and 7 strings

    Interesting, they're not on the Harley Benton website, even. Wonder if they'll be doing a refresh on the Amarok series. As far as I understand, Amaroks are pretty great value, if you're in Europe and can take advantage of their returns policy in case you get a Guitar-Shaped Object.
  17. Crundles

    New Metal Music Thread

    New Exocrine: Your standard good tech-death - incredible playing, but if it were in the middle of a tech-death playlist, I'd never be able to tell which exactly band it is. Bonus: continues the Exocrine trend of having a goofy-looking monster on the cover. Apparently album is due mid-June...
  18. Crundles

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    Not sure if it's been posted, but this seems to be Rob Scallon's signature 8-string Schecter, or maybe a prototype version? Also has some pretty wacky sounds in it to enjoy regardless: edit: yeah it's a prototype I guess, there's a second video on Rob's channel:
  19. Crundles

    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    For real; I've been holding onto some minor cash in reserve, in the vain hope that someone, anyone at all, PLEASE just release a lower end 7-string X-shape with 26.5 scale and a hardtail. Of course I'm fully mentally prepared for Ola to slap it at 22.5 inches or somehow invent a floating TOM...
  20. Crundles

    Solar Guitars by Ola Englund

    This is a wicked finish and all, but ... where X/Star shapes??

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