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    IceKelly build

    I enjoy that headstock a great deal. looks savage.
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    What's on your workbench?

    Finally finally finally working on another build for me. I've decided I need a sev… so here it is. Mahogany body. neck will be padauk and wenge.
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    Anyone use a nut slotting gauge?

    I'm in the same boat as Max. if you're careful and take your time, doing this by feel is not supremely hard and yields excellent results.
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    Aviator Blackbird 6 Build Process

    that is a savage looking guitar. congrats man.
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    Square pole pieces?

    Out of curiosity, why 1215 or 1018? I've used standard bar stock from metal supermarket on a pickup before and it worked great, not sure exactly what grade it was. what's the advantage of the two you specified?
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    Beechwood top?

    You could always use a recessed tune-o-matic bridge. that would anchor into the wood underneath so the soft top isn't really a concern. Just make sure you put a nice thick hard top coat on it.
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    2x 6 String BM Style build thread

    Ah, quarter sawn then. yes, that'll look lovely. I always try to do Wenge fretboards flatsawn because it looks soooooooo badass as a fretboard like that.... but it always causes issues in the end and I regret it. quartersawn is the way to go with that stuff... at least for fretboards.
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    2x 6 String BM Style build thread

    It would seem like a shame to me to put rosewood boards on these necks. Ebony would be a much better fit but I totally understand cost savings on mini guitars for the gremlins.... My little guy's are getting maple boards.... That also being said, I'm 100% against rosewood boards for some...
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    Struggling with inlays

    In my experience, wood filler works best on maple, Sawdust + titebond works well on lighter colored woods like Padouk, where as sawdust and superglue works well on darker woods.
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    Struggling with inlays

    I've gone through about 10 different methods and I'm still not 100% happy with my method. I do believe CNC is the only way to get a truly tight cavity. This is my latest handywork for reference. Here's what I've got so far if that helps.... Cutting pieces first and scoring around...
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    2x 6 String BM Style build thread

    I made a lefty for my niece and honestly I regret it. she was about 5 or 6 at the time. Learning on a left handed instrument means she will always play on a left handed instrument.... and will only have access to left handed instruments (which are extremely rare and hard to resell). I made a...
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    Pickup base plate swap

    Ever through about just having the Ormsby pickups rewound??
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    KR250 Consolidated Build Thread

    Cracked my drill press in the process. Time to get the proper tool and figure out how to fix this. A quick hack to stop this from happening again. cut a 2x4 to length and wedge it between the table and the foot of the drill press when you're pressing the frets. it takes the load off of that...
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    KR250 Consolidated Build Thread

    MADD respect for anyone that can effectively play a neck that wide. Reaching the 1st fret on the low string must be a monster....
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    Anyone ever used the ABM modern hardtail bridge?

    Did you order it direct from ABM's website? I cant seem to find anywhere local that is a dealer for them (I'm up in Canada.)
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    Anyone ever used the ABM modern hardtail bridge?

    Specifically looking at the ABM 3256 Just looking for opinions on it. Looks like it would be comfortable, easy to install and the concept of locking everything 100% down seems like a real winner to me. Sadly it's not readily available locally so it's not like I can just go out and buy one to...
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    What's on your workbench?

    Blackmastadon - I've also had good luck with Watco Laquer. it's good stuff. by far best / easiest finish I've ever applied.
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    What's on your workbench?

    That looks absolutely savage! You'd almost want to see a bigger tang on those frets to ensure they stay put. Are you having issues getting the wire to sit flat once pressed in? the wider the wire and the more angled the fret slot the more I would expect this to be an issue, looks to me like...
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    What's on your workbench?

    MoonJelly, Im so jealous right now. we need a new oven so badly. mine makes weird noises when we use the burners and the oven undercooks everything.... It's such a god damn lemon.
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    Pimiboj's Consolidated Build Thread

    No tone control!!! FINALLY SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS ME!!!!! We are kindred spirits you and I....

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