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  1. sell2792

    Dealbreakers. What are yours?

    Three & five-way blade switches, on any guitar. Toggle switch or bust.
  2. sell2792

    NGD Ernie Ball Music Man JP XI

    Sick! I’m in the same boat though - selling a 15 & buying an X or XI soon to compliment my X.
  3. sell2792

    Helix 3.5 just dropped

    I’m running my piezo equipped guitars through it and it sounds great. The only issue I have is some clipping when I strum chords hard.
  4. sell2792

    NGD: I caught myself another Unicorn... (PRS content)

    If you were interested in changing the bridge, I’d seriously recommend looking into a HipShot Ibby.
  5. sell2792

    You only get 5 extra notes on a 7 string.

    Conveniently those are the only five notes I know how to play so really it’s perfect.
  6. sell2792

    The violins are… vintagey

    Why does Ibanez refuse to make cool guitars anymore?
  7. sell2792

    Japanese Les Paul style guitars

    Edwards & Navigator, hands down.
  8. sell2792

    Would you choose a 22 fret guitar as your main 7?

    Twenty-four frets are nice to have but considering I rarely go up that high I could live without.
  9. sell2792

    ESP 2023

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ESP/LTD need to bring back the cockstock. I would love to see a proper Horizon, let alone with more than six strings. Bonus points if the LTD’s get the old logo that looks like it was drawn by a child.
  10. sell2792

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    Disappointing if true. Simon has great taste in guitars (and is super cool in person) but hopefully the next KM isn’t this stripped down.
  11. sell2792

    NGD Sterling JP157FM

    The The 150/7D’s come with DiMarzio LiquiFire/CrunchLab set & SS frets. These don’t.
  12. sell2792

    Now that I've had an Evertune guitar for a while...

    The only Evertune equipped guitar that I’ve spent a lot of time on was a newer EC1000 and it played and sounded incredible. Then again, that could just speak more to the overall quality of 1000 series LTDs. I almost left the store with it, and I just had a baby.
  13. sell2792

    Gibson Takes Down Jericho Guitars

    Gibson doesn’t offer comparable models with similar specs or quality for anywhere near the same price point. Fuck ‘em’ - I’m going to order one of the baritone “Explorers,” assuming I still can.
  14. sell2792

    BKP Peacemaker vs. Polymath: Help me make up me mind..

    This. Great pickups and it’s what Jerry used for a long time. I’m also a bit biased since I grew up in the Detroit area, but everything of there’s I’ve tried has sounded great.
  15. sell2792

    Schecter John Browne signature?

    I just wish there website had better descriptions of each model. I’d be curious to try a set.
  16. sell2792

    2023 News ?

    In my opinion? No. I think it’s just a marketing gimmick to help sell these since modelers are becoming the norm. I’m going to wait for them to come out but I’ll probably throw them in my next guitar since I like the Alpha/Omega so much in my JPX.
  17. sell2792

    2023 News ?

    I’m super excited for the SE McCarty 594 - I’m shocked it took them this long to release one. The only problem is, at that point I’m tempted just to get an S2. I would love to see them expand the Exile lineup. The Selects with Fishmans I’ve played have been super solid but I haven’t gotten my...
  18. sell2792

    Ibanez 2023 Models ! What would you like to see ?

    Man, Ibanez disappoints as usual.