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  1. Sephiroth952

    Beautiful amp heads?

    THis is peak for me.
  2. Sephiroth952

    NGD: Esp Ltd Stephen Carpenter SC608B

    Did you forget which account you are posting on?
  3. Sephiroth952

    LIVE CHAT ???

  4. Sephiroth952

    LIVE CHAT ???

    Just go back to writing your legendary english thesis, banging your 10/10 wife, being from new york and great britain, and being obsessed with the esp CS your "wife" supposedly bought you.
  5. Sephiroth952

    NGD: Ibanez Prestige RG3550MZ-DY

    #BringBackGhostSharktoothInlays. HNGD! Looks sweet.
  6. Sephiroth952

    Periphery Megathread: Everything Periphery

    Tbf though, every time he said he was sick i was always surprised, since he usually kills it regardless.
  7. Sephiroth952

    Periphery Megathread: Everything Periphery

    Man I tell you I don't think there has been one tour that I haven't met Spencer afterward and him not be sick as a dog. Dude needs to take more vitamins or something.
  8. Sephiroth952

    Periphery Megathread: Everything Periphery

    Yo Misha, it seems WMG has copyright claimed your own video. lol
  9. Sephiroth952

    Periphery Megathread: Everything Periphery

    Yeah definitely the most surreal ending to a show i've ever been to tbh.
  10. Sephiroth952

    Periphery Megathread: Everything Periphery

    Just got back from the Dallas show. Was absolutely an amazing time. All the bands were so damn good, Arch Echo being a wonderful surprise. Still bummed we didn't get the lune encore. It all seemed very weird, the band just bailed without really saying a proper goodnight and the crowd was utterly...
  11. Sephiroth952

    Best Practice Amp for Home

  12. Sephiroth952

    NGD: GOC Materia-3.ECO 8 string

    Does it allow you to cast bolt3 though?
  13. Sephiroth952

    Specific production year of RG7321's?

    Looks like that is a 7420. Still a good guitar though.
  14. Sephiroth952

    Poll - Hardtail vs Whammy

    Definitely floating bridges. I love the give they have when you are doing vibrato. They just give the strings a different overall feel. Also most floating bridges have uber comfy saddles.
  15. Sephiroth952

    Ibanez NAMM 2020

    There have been plenty of prestiges with the fusion edges. Sound great in my XL.
  16. Sephiroth952

    Best OD to use with 7s?

    Im using a TS-Mini. Works fine with my XL, but its helped out by the already mid heavy pick-ups.
  17. Sephiroth952

    Mesa Mark Series Appreciation Thread

    A little update for my Mark rig!
  18. Sephiroth952

    NCPBD! Finally done building my board. (For now)

    I've been working on putting this board together for the past few months. Super excited to have this little project complete for now, I always wanted a board and I never thought I'd be able to afford one. :) Order: JP Wah > Tuner > TS mini > Super secret definitely not a clone pedal > to amp >...