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  1. wlfers

    ENGL 570 Preamp appreciation

    I used to run a 530, then a 570 into a VHT 2/90/2. Beast tone and everyone always asked what my amp was. Had an issue with some Engl gear, and promptly discovered that Engl customer support was nonexistent in America at the time (has that changed?). So I went AxeFx and was able to dial...
  2. wlfers

    FS Fractal Axe Fx II XL - Los Angeles

    Gear: Axe Fx II XL Modifications: No Mods Accessories: Power Cable Location: Los Angeles International: No Contact Info: PM here References: many transactions here, ebay, reverb. Price: $950 + Shipping f&f. (g&s add fees) Excellent condition, a little bit of rack rash is all. Latest firmware...
  3. wlfers

    How does the Axe Fx ultra hold up against todays modeling market?

    This. If youre using the ultra for preamps+effects through a power section and cab, you wont be missing out on anything besides USB connectivity
  4. wlfers

    KSR Ceres - 3 Channel Preamp Pedal

    They should throw this in a rack.
  5. wlfers

    KSR Ceres - 3 Channel Preamp Pedal

    Hnnngg do want
  6. wlfers

    Preamp pedals

    How would you know? You have to be a bit more involved than calling /thread after one opinion. Youtube videos and advice can get you pretty far, but not all the way. If the budget allows for it, pick up some used shit here or on ebay and flip what you don't like. I bought the Diezel pedal based...
  7. wlfers

    Amp Suggestions

    Unfortunately with regards to the deliverance, their used prices have been quite inflated recently. Some sellers are under the impression that it is discontinued since it's no longer listed on fryette's website. Word is that you can simply ask Fryette direct for a new Deliverance, and that it's...
  8. wlfers

    OD/Boost pedals with Fryette Deliverance

    So out of the ones you already have, which one is your favorite? I've been itching for a deliverance
  9. wlfers

    Randall 667 or Peavey Invective?

    What guitar/preamp interaction are you looking for? The tube mojo that modelers miss out on is generally poweramp/speaker interaction.
  10. wlfers

    NGD - Fryette GP/DI (short metal clip inside)

    Why you gotta do this to me... Sounds fucking awesome. Love the clarity, that articulate growl of all things Fryette. Were all the hi gain examples boosted with the TC electronic? I used to have a GP3 but that was sold when my fractal replaced all my tube preamps. I can hear the GP3 flavor in...
  11. wlfers

    How about that Misha Toneforge?

    It's so you can get on the waitlist, in case they run out of software to ship :lol:
  12. wlfers

    Diezel Herbert Pedal

    Of course... I just got the Revv G3 because I became impatient waiting for this pedal. The VH4 pedal had great gain structure, but was too woofy even with the bass at 0 (Ran as a preamp into a 2/90/2). I was hoping the Herbert would fit my needs better. Let us know how it turns out.
  13. wlfers

    Matrix GT1000FX vs Fryette Power Station 2 for Axe FX?

    ^ especially given the Axe Fx 2 has assignable quick controls that can serve the same function. I don't know about the Axe 3 though. This sounds odd as well. Did you mean Fryette Powerstation?
  14. wlfers

    Fans of Big Iron, Gather Here

    VHT 2/90/2 count? I have considered the 2150 or 2100 whenever they pop up used, but I kind of have an allergy to rack gear larger than 2u.
  15. wlfers

    Matrix GT1000FX vs Fryette Power Station 2 for Axe FX?

    You don't have to worry about overpowering or destroying your speakers with the GT1000FX if attentive. Per channel, it's 325 watts @ 8 ohms, and 150 watts @ 16 ohms. From Matrix's site I don't have anything useful to add about it vs the PS though, since I haven't tried one. I do have a 2/90/2...
  16. wlfers

    Horizon Devices Preamp Pedal

    One might expect someone who is gear whore-y enough to be aware of preorders for the apex, to also maybe know about preamps. That is, unless the marketing is that superb that it makes AX8 users wonder if they need it.
  17. wlfers

    Amp troubles

    Are the speaker connections soldered or clipped? I had an issue recently where one connector was working itself loose, and bassier patches that caused more cab vibrations would cause a similar dip in level. Hopefully its just that and not something within the amp.
  18. wlfers

    Horizon Devices Preamp Pedal

    I've been looking for a pedal as a portable live backup. I run a rack, and if my preamp dies mid-set, I'd rather quickly grab a familiar preamp already dialed in from my bag and run it into my power amp, than see whose amp I can borrow and dial on the spot. I'm not interested in this specific...