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  1. xfilth

    Mix test for nu-metal track.

    Definitely split your bass signal up into at least 2 tracks, if you aren't already; a compressed low end and a distorted high end for the grit. When I'm doing DI bass and am too lazy to reamp with the B7K, I use a mix of some pretty standard compressors, EQs and saturators/distortions. Mostly...
  2. xfilth

    Mix test for nu-metal track.

    Listening to updated mix. All in all pretty nice! The worst part about the mix is definitely the bass. The low end is not very full and seems to disappear when competing with the kick/guitars. Compress the lows harder and possibly hipass the guitars harder! The high end of the bass is just...
  3. xfilth

    17 minute concept song (FFO Porcupine Tree, Tool, Karnivool, Yes, etc.)

    Great track man - gotta love conceptual music! Organic mix, really digging the sax Work on your vocal intonation and you'll be golden!
  4. xfilth

    Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet [Cover/Mixtest]

    Good playing and singing overall! Electric guitars are awesome. Sometimes overpowers the vocals. Bass is pretty good - a more heavily compressed low end could help. Acoustic guitar sounds like a cheap guitar through a cheap mic, so an understandable sound with the gear you used. Snare sounds...
  5. xfilth

    My first EP (djent/progressive from Russia)

    Great stuff man!
  6. xfilth

    New Dream Theater song - The Gift of Music

    Nice vocal editing glitch @ 1:22 :lol: Not a terrible song, but not great either. At least the drum mix is better than the last couple of records
  7. xfilth

    Album almost finished, put the first track online: Feedback needed!

    Good to see this finally getting finished! Sounds killer :hbang:
  8. xfilth

    Feedback on acoustic drum mix

    Good call, man! That had totally gone under my radar Yeah, I sidechain expanded the snare to a heavily compressed room mic to bring out a bit more "shotgun". Possibly overdid it!
  9. xfilth

    Feedback on acoustic drum mix

    Hey guys! Currently working on a song with a friend and I'm really trying to improve my overall mix and especially my drum mix, since I don't often get to mix real drums. I really wanted to avoid using samples in order to get as much practice as possible without taking any shortcuts - I'm...
  10. xfilth

    Axe FX II 5150 goodness

    Have been looking at the cab pack 13 for a bit, you just sold me on it!
  11. xfilth

    The Dear Hunter-Act IV

    Imo: III > II > I Hoping that trend continues :)
  12. xfilth

    Axe FX 2 Reamping issues (feedback loop ?)

    Why aren't you using the usb connection to route the DI into the Axe instead of going out of your interface? Been reamping through USB for ages and it works flawlessly
  13. xfilth

    New Symphony X Album: "Underworld."

    Where does that Cm of yours come from? The only non-chord note in that bar is an A-C dyad played by the keyboard as a passing tone. The root tone remains in the bass and guitar as G as well. We agree that the third bar is Bbm. However, the main point in this discussion is whether the original...
  14. xfilth

    New Symphony X Album: "Underworld."

    Seriously dude? The chords are perfect the way they are written: |Gm|Gm|Bbm|C| With Em and C sharing 2 notes it's an nicely fitting cadence to go into the end riff Your suggested chords and melody have absolutely nothing to do with this song and sound pretty bad. If you think that the band...
  15. xfilth

    New Symphony X Album: "Underworld."

    Funny that the song is called Nevermore. The opening part is really similar to Nevermore's Narcosynthesis, imo Cool song either way! Here's hoping for a solid album