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  1. Toxin

    IBANEZ PGMM31 Mikro Guitar - Don’t Let Size FOOL YOU!

    I bet this mini pinie sounds wicked with Lundgrens and strings like 20-110 in drop F
  2. Toxin

    FS Ibanez JCustom 7String RG8527 JCRG7‑1

    What you have here is JCRG7–1 (which is the first 7 string J-Custom). RG8527 has Edge Pro 7 trem and was in Vintage Violin color only.
  3. Toxin

    NGD: BDay/Anniversary/Christmas Ibby

    Cobgratz! You can always put a Fender sticker on it to avoid unnecessary attention:idea:
  4. Toxin

    NGD: First ERG...

    That fretboard is such a beaute
  5. Toxin

    QNGD: Quadruple New Guitar Day! (PRS SE277 Baritone & Mushok Content)

    Can you do a Soapbar vs Humbucker version comparison?
  6. Toxin

    PRS vs Musicman

    PRS, for the same reasons as above. NECK. Pattern regular/regular/wide fat is great, pattern thin/wide thin not so. Had JP too, couldn’t bond with a thin neck as that, sounded awesome though.
  7. Toxin

    NGD: In Which We "Roast" Jackson Quality Control

    Maan, that color is so yummy
  8. Toxin

    Will upgrading to thunderbolt reduce monitoring latency?

    Upgrade to UAD Apollo
  9. Toxin

    UAD Diezel Herbert

    New UAD ampsim is out for a week or two. Has anyone tried this?
  10. Toxin

    NGD: Ormsby Hype GTR 8 [Walnut Burl]

    Now we need some back of the neck photos)
  11. Toxin

    NGD: Strandberg Boden J7

    Is this one heavier than not J series? Every J model seems to be not chambered
  12. Toxin

    NGD: Schecter USA Sunset Hybrid Custom Shop

    I bet this neck feels soo good)
  13. Toxin

    PRS 2019

    This is the first time "I don't feel so good, Mr.Stark" about PRS updates
  14. Toxin

    Abasi Concepts/Larada Megathread

    Okay, we expected one Abasi guitar, but we got two...FALBASI!
  15. Toxin

    Should I get a RG2228? Need honest opinions plz

    Not talking about ergonomics. it'll help with more dynamic/coherent transition from low to high strings in tone. Aka getting good sound from both sides of neck. High strings tend to be more punchy/not juicy/thin on longer scales, not sure if it fits jazz/blues repertoire. While i never tried...
  16. Toxin

    Should I get a RG2228? Need honest opinions plz

    My vote is for multiscale 8, if you like playing Jazz/Blues.
  17. Toxin

    (Possibly) the very first 7 string solidbody(!)

    Why not buy and ruin some cheap chinese guitar? What man in his common sense would do such a thing...
  18. Toxin

    NGD - Ibanez Prestige RGR752AHBF-WK

    How heavy is this beauty?
  19. Toxin

    New Schecter Models Megathread

    What are those? Japanese ones?
  20. Toxin

    Guitars you really wanted, but turned out to be a disappointment

    Neck dive or is it just slip off your lap?