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  1. TonyFlyingSquirrel

    Meet “Pearl”..

    The strings ar DR Black Beauties, BKB5-40. I decided to try them after seeing a Geezer Butler video of him talking about how they wick the sweat away from your fingers and keep blisters from developing, and they’ve been the best change that I’ve made when it comes to playing bass. Especially as...
  2. TonyFlyingSquirrel

    Need help finding a bass

    Check this, Serves all of my needs and I play with my fingers also.“pearl”.361948/
  3. TonyFlyingSquirrel

    Advice on first seriously cheap microphone to mess around and figure stuff out with. WARNING: The first person to say sm57 gets vapourised!

    My first studio mic was an MXL990, cost me $65 from Musicians Friend 20+ years ago, came with a case, and a shock mount. It’s a good all around cheap workhorse to learn a lot of lessons on. Treating the environment being one of them, exposing my playing flaws being another. It made me put in...
  4. TonyFlyingSquirrel

    Gotoh fine tuning screw snapped .. ??

    I’ve had this one on my TFS6 from back in 1995, then the knife edges had worn down after 25 years, so I got a new one for it just a couple of years ago. They’ve been around since at least 1991 when EBMM was putting them on the first EVH sighs.
  5. TonyFlyingSquirrel

    Mesa Boogie has gone to well Read

    Additionally, there has been no mention of what is in the chain prior to the amp. Do you plug the guitar straight in, or do you have some pedals in front. Is the guitar housed with passive or active pickups? If using pedals, what pedals and what are their settings. The direction that I am...
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    Start off with some AC/DC, you can never go wrong learning from Malcom. Get Malcom down, and eventually Scott Ian and James Hetfield will be more accessible.
  7. TonyFlyingSquirrel

    Mesa Boogie has gone to well Read

    Well, considering, tube technology is at this point, while still preferred by many, quite archaic technology. Aside from having your home power measured, I’d also look at placement of the amp in proximity to other things like computers, fan motors, any similar items that could be introducing...
  8. TonyFlyingSquirrel

    Gotoh fine tuning screw snapped .. ??

    What part of the US are you in? I have some extra’s, I can mail one out to you.
  9. TonyFlyingSquirrel

    Anyone Keep Going Back To EMG?

    My FRG7620 in my avatar has the pots, switch, and battery all in the cavity, no problem.
  10. TonyFlyingSquirrel

    2-point trems are in and double locking trems are... less in than before. Why?

    No locking nut setups can perform great with locking tuners and a well set up nut, but one of the most crucial minimization of friction points is a straight string path for the saddle to the tuner post with just enough down pressure at the nut to seat the string there. Ideally, in this setup...
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    Current BC Rich Thread

    Bring back the Eagle…
  12. TonyFlyingSquirrel

    Replacement nuts

    Li kewise, can never go wrong with a Tusq. I recently did a Tusq blan, slotting from scratch as the workpiece was a boutique Tele with a 1 3/4” wide nut.
  13. TonyFlyingSquirrel

    Ibanez 2023 Models ! What would you like to see ?

    I would love to see a 40th anniversary re-issue of the Rocket Roll II series, only with Edge bridges, but everything else to 1983 spec. I really want my “V” back that I had back then. The only major change would be the Edge, and moving the output jack from the front to the inside edge of the...
  14. TonyFlyingSquirrel

    EMG's and active SD's

    EMG’s, SD’s, Fishman, and GFS, connector compatibility. I wish passive manufacturers would adopt a uniform quick connect system and a common wire color/connection format as well.
  15. TonyFlyingSquirrel

    Strat with emg single coils metal?

    Font end of your amp or plugin. I have a Tube Screamer boost with a minimal setting for humbeckers, but since the single coils don’t hit the front end of the amp as hard, I have another setting for single coils so that it does. Helps to make the gain si,liar between humbuckers and single...
  16. TonyFlyingSquirrel

    How can I remove armed track hiss?

    Subtractive eq rather than additive is always much cleaner.
  17. TonyFlyingSquirrel

    Strat with emg single coils metal?

    Look in this thread.….361912/ This guitar was intended with metal in mind, but also excels at vintage voicings. EMG can produce wonderful single coil tones that are suitable for metal. I just increase the boost a bit on the single voicing than I...
  18. TonyFlyingSquirrel

    How can I remove armed track hiss?

    You may want to back off of some of the gain in the amp before hitting the gate as well, you can bring some in after with some mic pre gain, but very sparingly. You want the headroom to allow the guitar to bloom a bit.