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  1. Decipher

    Fit for an Autopsy signs with Jackson

    Likely the endorsement deal and I really gotta think that it may be due to the artist relations guy. Mike Taft has been with Jackson for a little while now no? He was Ibanez AR guy for years.
  2. Decipher

    What do you use for guitar polish?

    When it comes to cleaning and conditioning I've come to find the MusicNomad line to be the best. I love their entire product line. Cleaners, polishes and tools. For nasty fretboard I scrape them with plastic scraper blades to start. I condition/clean with the FOne oil a tooth brush and their...
  3. Decipher

    What guitar tools/things are good to have?

    I very highly recommend the Musicnomad line of products: I've been extremely pleased with everything they've put out there. For cleaning rusty bridge parts I've had pretty good success with either disassembling/cleaning or by using an ultrasonic cleaner and then...
  4. Decipher

    NGD : Brand New Ibanez MMM1

    Wow, not only one NOS you scored two?!?!? I am jealous with blind rage LOL. Man it's hard enough getting my hands on one used....
  5. Decipher

    Bands in drop A, not deathcore ?

    Slipknot uses Drop A on some material Coal Chamber uses Drop A on some material YOB Pallbearer Crowbar uses Drop A on some material Chimaira used Drop A on all of Pass out of Existance and on a few songs for Crown of Phantoms Those are the ones that come to mind for me that aren't Deathcore.
  6. Decipher

    NGD: 1998 Ibanez RG7620 VK

    Nice find! I had the pleasure of setting one of these up here in Calgary back in June that my customer had just found. It was in practically brand new condition! He bough it off someone outside of the city that had it sitting in storage. He sold it not too long after and I was pretty bummed I...
  7. Decipher

    Nuts Canada - where to buy? lol

    I'm a huge fan of the TUSQ replacement nuts as well! I get mine either through L&M, Solo Guitars (online) is really good as well..... Amazon has also been a good one for the real common ones.
  8. Decipher

    NGD: 2000 Ibanez RG7620 GN

    Nice score and looks to be in good condition! Great guitars.
  9. Decipher

    Seymour Duncan Retribution - opinions?

    It's been some time since I've had EMG's and I haven't really used a passive pickup in 12 years or so..... I don't think I could make a good comparison between them, but I have 5 other guitars with the Standard Blackouts and have tried several other Blackout variants (EMTY's and the Loomis) to...
  10. Decipher

    Would You Buy The Same Guitar Model Twice?

    Most definitely YES. I liked the black Ibanez MTM2 I found used so much I bought another MTM2 but in white. I have a DCM100 and would gladly get another one day. Same with my Ibanez K-7, I have the Firespeak Blue but would like to obtain the Blade Grey as well. I'm not one for having a ton of...
  11. Decipher

    Favorite or “best” noise gate?

    Decimator Pro Rack G and no other for me.
  12. Decipher

    Who Are Your Favorite Rhythm Guitarists

    Dimebag Andreas Kisser Dino Scott Ian Fredrik & Marten Jeff Loomis Vogg Mick Thomson
  13. Decipher

    NGD Randall V2

    Nice score! That's a STEAL of a price. They're pretty good amps. I always thought they sounded great. At that price I wouldn't have thought twice about it.
  14. Decipher

    New Rack Day! (Bogner/Mesa Content)

    Congrats! That's a sick setup.
  15. Decipher

    Best and most disappointing acquired gear of 2019

    Here's my list for 2019. Best: Rivera KS312 - For the better part of 2 years I have been gently suggesting to someone I know to sell me this cab. It's a 2x12 on top and has a Sub 1 (powered 300W 12" sub) in the bottom. He finally caved and sold it to me for a great price. F'n love this cab, just...
  16. Decipher

    WTB Fortin Grind or 33

    There's a 33 listed on Kijiji locally: The seller is a great guy.
  17. Decipher

    What's the "best" amp attenuator these days?

    I highly recommend the Rivera RockCrushers. Been using them (both the standard and the Recording versions) for years. It was a big step above the THD Hotplate in sound and feel quality. The Fryette Powerstation is also a really good choice. Don't know much about the UA OxBox as an attenuator...
  18. Decipher

    New LACS day...

    Congrats! I was drooling over that one on the 'Gram.... If it had a reversed head stock nothing would've stopped me from nab'n it.
  19. Decipher

    Mystery Man joins Dean Guitars (Kerry King)

    Without a doubt it's Kerry. It's hard to believe that he would leave BC Rich but in a sense Dean does make sense. Dean isn't afraid to think outside the box and have done some pretty eccentric designs/finishes and they have better distro than BC Rich I believe. Timing could've been better for...
  20. Decipher

    Ibanez NAMM 2020

    Vai teased something on his Social Media a while back about the "For the Love of God" Universe.... Maybe it'll be a special SUGI run? A 30th Anniversary Universe of some sort seems like a given. Ibanez has given 30th...