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  1. Empryrean

    For Those Who are Younger, How Relevant is Metallica?

    seeing all the varied responses here make me want to see an age poll. I'm 29 and probably not the youngsters OP is referring to, but my intro to metallica came from some shithead who only had bad things to say about anything I listened to or played. Sadly that translated to me being very...
  2. Empryrean

    David Maxim Micic Megathread - Bilo IV released

    I'm about to have this playing all hours of the day
  3. Empryrean

    GK-3 and TriplePlay hex pickups sounds

    I've got the light version of the triple play and afaik it just spits out MIDI information, not piezo stuff.
  4. Empryrean

    Ever heard a song that sounded, to you, like another song?

    I actively fight the urge to hear one song in another song but man do I lose that fight all the time :lol:
  5. Empryrean

    Where do tones come from?

    Always wondered why my gear sounds like piss 🤔
  6. Empryrean

    Played out guitar aesthetics/features

    sandblasted multicolor neon looking finishes and ESPECIALLY don't like them when the top coat is thin satin and pores are unfilled. They appear to be only good to look at cause you'll start to buff the satin finish as you wipe your sweat and grime out of the open pores. reminds me of coffee mugs...
  7. Empryrean

    What is this new Polyphia song?

    I simply erase it from my memory so I don't keep saying bad things about stuff people like 😊
  8. Empryrean

    What is this new Polyphia song?

    Something about singing over the same exact notes an instrument is playing has always felt real lazy to me. I like polyphia but I think they ought to slow down if they expect a singer to be able to show up and pull their own weight, happy I got to relearn my japanese alphabet though so that's a...
  9. Empryrean

    Products that SHOULD Exist

    multiscale jackson warrior where the bridge angle matches the slant of the body (pls ignore my bad editing)
  10. Empryrean

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    im going all in as soon as they make a Kiesel Turbulence idk what it is about the shape but I really like it
  11. Empryrean

    The Carvin / Kiesel thread

    they've done it again.
  12. Empryrean

    What game are you playing?

    Cult of the Lamb has a deathgrip on me
  13. Empryrean

    What game are you playing?

    Oh don't get me wrong, blazblue is a fast game I think I worded that weirdly. The buffer period between pushing a button and stuff happening on screen feels faster in the Melty Blood games to me, if I were a game designer I'm sure I could put it more elegantly but that's the best way I can...
  14. Empryrean

    Boaz Modular Guitar (Kickstarter Beginning)

    30 years + 450K can't bring it into production? What happened???
  15. Empryrean

    What game are you playing?

    I've been reeled back into Melty Blood Lumina with the funy cat. After playing a bunch of Arcsys fighters for a while it feels so fast in comparison (in a good way)
  16. Empryrean

    Triple NGD (kind of) (Kiesel, Schecter, NK)

    I got suuuuuper lucky and found it used at Guitar Center. Truth be told I don't think I'd have bought it if I weren't interested in trying to pick up a JP Schecter at the time but I'm so glad I did. It was practically unused with the plastic still on it and everything!
  17. Empryrean

    Triple NGD (kind of) (Kiesel, Schecter, NK)

    I purchased direct from AliExpress.
  18. Empryrean

    Elysian Pickups - Trident II/Hellfire Hybrid aka the THICC BOI

    Oh heck yeah! I am still hot to get my hands on a Goliath when I can, can't wait for the next episode!
  19. Empryrean

    Smash Bros!

    I like them. I'm not a die hard fan but the game itself is satisfying to play, it's so freeform I think id lose my mind trying to play it competitively. Iirc I bought ultimate for the switch when they added the piranha plant guy, silly dude haha.
  20. Empryrean

    Triple NGD (kind of) (Kiesel, Schecter, NK)

    it’s honestly one of the best guitars I own. setup straight out of the box was perfect, insanely low and embarrassingly I even had to raise it cause my muting was giving me unintended hammer-ons haha.

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