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  1. Gtan7

    NCD: Finally Got My Holy Grail Cab

    Noice must sound primo and Reverb would certainly call that mint. I have a Lonestar 2x12, sounds very fine stock but i've been experimenting with an original V30 and, so far, Celestion EVH and a scumback in the other spot. But if i were going to play out the other V30 would go back in.
  2. Gtan7

    Neck Heavy Guitar - Ever Tried Weights in the Control Cavity?

    you can slide a small scuba diving weight on your strap, a lot easier. Or just tape it on. I've done quality time with Warwick 5 strings, talk about neck heavy.
  3. Gtan7

    2010 Gibson V pickup died out of nowhere, comparable options?

    I've heard this can happen if you file metal near the pickup and shavings get into the windings, but I've only seen one failed pickup in my whole life. If you're original buyer, Gibson warranty may mean ... something. Not sure if they're trying for customer goodwill now, the only Gib products...
  4. Gtan7

    Are after market headless bridges easy to install?

    you could ask Leg for a new tuner, they just sent me a above the nut stringlock free of charge. Also, if the knurled barrel on tuner wobbles and causes instability, a problem i had after i bashed the guitar in a gig bag, put some plumber's teflon tape on that should tighten it up[.
  5. Gtan7

    Are after market headless bridges easy to install?

    I installed a few different ones on 2 Legator ghosts, it was pretty simple, as long as height of saddle slot is within range. Strandberg, 2 generations of agile tuners went on no problem, a Hipshot i got was too tall unless I wanted to do some routing which I didn't.
  6. Gtan7

    Ergonomics of widely fanned frets

    People have all kinds of reactions to fans, mine are all standard 1.5 to 2" fans, they do make bar chords near the nut tough and like Dayn have trouble lining up fingers above 14 fret sometimes. When i was investigating multiscales i just ordered some used from GC, returned them til i found a...
  7. Gtan7

    what mods exist for preamp pedals?

    Well, yeah, this is like asking What can i do with a guitar? reddit DIY I think Keely's got some mod details Tube preamp, buy vintage RCA 12ax7's at7's, au7's or equivalents, spend hundreds of dollars...
  8. Gtan7

    Good fret wrap & pickups for Agile 10 String Pendulum?

    the traditional tube sox and hair scrunchies work well, the only advantage of fret wraps (prettty bid ad IMO) is you can slide up over the nut easily. THeir website doesn't give contact length, you can email them
  9. Gtan7

    Headphone Recommendations for Helix

    Reviews on are pretty credible, i used to hang ou there a lot and trade cans. Audio tecnica and Beyerdynamics were favorites, Sennheiser, AKG, Shure i liked. Grados are super punchy but not really monitor phones for some reason. Mackie and Audix for lower price bracket also...
  10. Gtan7

    Schecter Reaper 7

    Great guitar, had one used from GC, don't know why i still don't have it. re pickup height you have to look at bottom of pickups, some i've seen have wire shields or other stuff protruding pretty far below baseplate which you can mod. Possible also that compression springs are too long, you...
  11. Gtan7

    Question for players that play with thicker strings

    try tune down a half step, lower action and shorter sessions til you get used to it
  12. Gtan7

    Fret wrap on headless guitar?

    fretwraps don't slide up and over the nut on my Legator headlesses, so i use a Velcro ski holder band, I got the idea from a Warr/Chapman style tap guitar but i use both sides of the velcro
  13. Gtan7

    Orange Cab for home use 1X12 v. 2x12

    I tried the orange 1x12 with MiC V30, found it kidn of harsh definitely got that cut that everybody's looking for live, and the cab is really well made. 2x12's are really versatile, a Mesa or other UK V30 and a creamback/greenback sound great together, give you lots of tracking possibilities...
  14. Gtan7

    Another Earcandy Cabs Complaint...

    This is sad, but that domain name, I would guess he's going to get thousands for it, which should cover at least a few refunds.
  15. Gtan7

    macOS 13 Ventura

    I always wait at least a few weeks to see what breaks and usually til the .1 minor release of a major release. Also, espec with older macs 2015 era, you need to review if you're eligible but if you're cut off from Ventura you'll still get security updates for a couple years or so. Hacker news...
  16. Gtan7

    NGD - Crate 2x15 cabs x2

    Truly excellent thread, I've been playing a single 15 SWR bass cab with 2 2x12's, sounds massive, your setup has got to be stadium tour ready... probably need a couple roadies on roids tho
  17. Gtan7

    Things to look out for when getting used speakers

    too late now, but my G12T looks a lot worse than that and sounds great. In future, you can test w/multimeter for DC resistance, the 9 volt test, cone should move, and the coil rub test, push *very* gently with 4 fingers evenly distributed around perimeter of cone (from both sides, when i...
  18. Gtan7

    ¿Fretless Conversion?

    I have a fretless strat, the slots were filled with some sheet maple the same thickness as fret tangs, 5 wound strings play pretty well. Can't see the filler, all my fretless instruments have no lines, cello, violins, bass, well, ok the pedal steel has lines... Berklee prof Fiuczynski ...
  19. Gtan7

    Is it me or does REAPER (DAW) sound muddy/congested/crammed/flat?

    To be clear, is it an early gen Focusrite Scarlett? Those didn't have great preamps, maybe you could borrow a 3 gen, Octo, clarett to compare. Or channel strip or dedicated pre ... also i remember Snoman's Dance Music Manual book ahving lots of tips on making kicks/ snare/hat and VST/synth...
  20. Gtan7

    Mid-range 8 String Guitars

    I get to try lots of Ibz/LTD/Schec/Jax at stores around here... Hard to recommend, but I like all 4 brands. Some of the MiK's i've had recently disappointed in fret jobs and other ways, but the MiC's surprised with how relatively fault free they were. You might still see big flat tops across a...