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  1. downburst82

    Klon klones - Which should I possibly buy?

    Get this one :agreed:
  2. downburst82

    Will Russia invade Ukraine again? (Yes, yes they did)

    I wonder if more than 19 nazis have ever hung out together in the USA.....or Germany...or lets be honest pretty much any other country.
  3. downburst82

    The parenting thread

    Father of 5 here ( 11 girl, 9 boy, 5 girl, 3 girl, 1.5 boy). It's crazy at times but I think we do pretty well. I have endless stories I could share but I will leave it there for now and read through the rest of the thread. Cheers.
  4. downburst82

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    I had a Dipinto branded guitar before and it was pretty good. I know he runs a music store as well as sells used stuff. I guess its a joke?
  5. downburst82

    US Political Discussion: Biden/Harris Edition (Rules in OP)

    Maybe I missed something and it is who your referring to but it was Mitt Romney who made the "Binders of women" quote. I believe Kamala harris was referring to the words Jacob Blake spoke in the video released from his hospital bed. Also he has not been convicted of the charges you mentioned...
  6. downburst82

    Songs you like with some lyrics that make you cringe

    Periphery Erised "As the cold, dark night brings on the sweat" The line...the way he sings it....ugh.
  7. downburst82

    The SevenString Pet Thread

    This is Pepper. She is a Holland Lop Dwarf Bunny. She LOVES my daughter and is fairly indifferent to the rest of us in the house.
  8. downburst82

    Any experience with Master FX preamp pedals?

    I don't have any of his current offerings but I had Tim make me a Custom Dual Rectifier in a box pedal with Punisher graphics several years ago. (He used to call the circuit the wolfy and offer it with a wolf graphic) My pedal has been on my board since I got it and it still works and sounds...
  9. downburst82

    Morgan Rose (Sevendust) hospitalized

    I hope he pulls through ok. Amazing drummer and his backing Vocals are part of Sevendusts sound.
  10. downburst82

    Fake Shredders

    What was his response? *never mind I misread*
  11. downburst82

    Vik Duality 8 string run *CLOSED RUN*

    I asked for my other post to be removed sorry. I had left a comment on IG that I was under the impressions Vik had still ripped people off...after Vik came after me with legal threats I realized its not my fight and I have enough other stuff in my life to worry about without this.
  12. downburst82

    Vik Duality 8 string run *CLOSED RUN*

    I deleted my post on Instagram after legal threats. Im sure it would go no where but I dont feel like dealing with any extra B.S. in my life and I have no dog in the fight.
  13. downburst82

    How can I edit my post?

    The window to edit posts is very small. I don't think we ever have got an answer on exactly how long but seems like its only couple of hours.
  14. downburst82

    Your favourite NES music?

    Its Super NES but I think F-Zero definitely deserves a mention :agreed:
  15. downburst82

    Some guitars are too funny not to post

    Stigge from D-A-D has had lots of weird basses over the years. This is his latest!
  16. downburst82

    What are teenagers into now?

    Face Tattoos?