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  1. glpg80

    Any Engineers or Engineering students on this board?

    I have two associates degrees in engineering technology, two bachelor's degrees in electrical and computer engineering, and currently a masters student in electrical engineering. Since becoming an engineer, I haven't touched a guitar in over 2 years. Most of my gear is for sale or already sold...
  2. glpg80

    NAD: 1994 Mesa / Boogie Dual Rectifier Trem-o-verb !

    Glad you're loving it! You can hear the insane headroom those things are known for. I'm really glad it's getting the use it deserves :) I bought the amp originally from a military guy stationed in Germany and shipped it all the way to the states. It's been in my collection and babied for 4...
  3. glpg80

    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    You know, I've thought about your post for a while. Looking at relationships and friendships beyond trust and more in terms of added value makes a lot of sense. Being a very empathetic person myself it's easy to give ample amounts, without setting an expected bar for what is/could/will be...
  4. glpg80

    Modern Metal Amp options

    First amp that comes to mind is a Peters Amplification. Peters Hydra or Peters Chimera models also come to mind. Made to order and he's been in business for many years. Second which comes to mind is Henning Amplification. Specifically his cherry bomb model. It's Marshall inspired, not SLO...
  5. glpg80

    Wierd noises coming from 6505 combo (Need help ASAP!)

    Tube amplifier? Number one rule - always check tubes. Half of it sounds like a microphonic tube picking up sensitive EMI. Check tubes always - especially if you're hitting the front end hard with OD's and hitting the phase inverter stage hard with stuff in the effects loop. I don't doubt...
  6. glpg80

    Help me diagnose an amp issue

    Looks mean nothing. Pull the preamp tubes out one by one and check them with a known working tube. Check the power tubes by pulling the outter pairs and halving the impedance of the amplifier. Check to see if the problem leaves. If not, replace the ones you pulled back into the amplifier and...
  7. glpg80

    Help me diagnose an amp issue

    check preamp and poweramp tubes.
  8. glpg80

    Infant Annihilator anyone?

    Can't wait. shit's going to be heavy af
  9. glpg80

    Splawn Cabs (small blocks) - Comparable to?

    I own and run two splawn 4x12 cabinets. small blocks are high power G12Ms made by eminence. Think of them as a G12M with more balls and a rolled off high end like a G1265. They are naturally scooped sounding, but not like a G1275. I also run a tremoverb. It will compliment the low mids of the...
  10. glpg80

    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    She's one of those that you're either for her, or against her. Women versus men mentality, and feminism through and through. I have tons of friends who I support in that regard - one of them being my friend I pulled aside in this - but she takes it to a whole different level of competitiveness...
  11. glpg80

    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    Here's the thing though. I simply don't trust her. The reasons that we cannot be friends extend back to how she was given literally everything her entire life since the day she was born. She complained that her 2011 car, daddy paid for, with keyless start and navigation, was an old vehicle. This...
  12. glpg80

    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    Yeah that is a lesson within a lesson. Signals were being sent back and forth (flirty text messages, wanting to spend time together every night, etc.) But the real lesson here is not letting my god damn guard down so soon. I'm disappointed in myself with how I'm handling it emotionally. But I do...
  13. glpg80

    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    You're not lying about hard decisions being made. It's taken 4 weeks and a lot of self counseling with extremely close friends whom I trust with my life, along with discussing this with my parents, to assess the decisions made under stress at the time and even get to this point. I've removed...
  14. glpg80

    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    When I say top priority, I mean in terms of another person and not over one's self love, kids, family, etc. Thanks for adding to the clarification, but I already know this and do not expect to be put on a pedestal. If anything, that's a lesson that I learned here with her.
  15. glpg80

    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    Here's the kicker, I've already done that and she still acted in isolation, guilt, and ignoring. I went old school and left a note on her windshield during the day once. I had not planned it, was just a spur of the moment decision when I saw her car. I apologized for overstepping any boundaries...
  16. glpg80

    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    I definitely don't do friend-zone after any interest has been even slightly hinted. If I'm not someone's top priority then I refuse to be someone's second best. I have a level of self respect for myself, and I'm not willing to sacrifice for anything less than total honesty and commitment from...
  17. glpg80

    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    Here's the thing, fred was being sent messages from her which proved there was more than a mutual friendship desire. At the time, she didn't know that I had already met fred. We were so close to one another at one point, that even fred's girlfriend mistakenly thought we were dating. It wasn't...
  18. glpg80

    Has anyone here had heart surgery before?

    The best advice I can give is do research on the surgery. Understand what needs to be done, how they do it, complications that are common, success stories, and general healthy discussions. Don't ignore the fact that it's heart surgery, but also know that the more you understand and can analyze...
  19. glpg80

    SS Love and Relationships Thread

    I need help on this one guys. My background: Working towards 3 degrees in 3 years, highly independent, try to keep my grades up, and have friendships which I hold close to my heart and would do anything to help those in need if asked. School, personal life, the guy drunken texts are sent to...
  20. glpg80

    What do you guys use to take care of your guitars?

    I can chime in on the hardware aspect with floating trems and gunk buildup. I've played floating trems basically my whole life, and this works on plated as well as coated trems. I have not done this with gold hardware. Take a sink and fill it with luke-hot water. I take just a small drop of...