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  1. xfilth

    Feedback on acoustic drum mix

    Hey guys! Currently working on a song with a friend and I'm really trying to improve my overall mix and especially my drum mix, since I don't often get to mix real drums. I really wanted to avoid using samples in order to get as much practice as possible without taking any shortcuts - I'm...
  2. xfilth

    Debut album out! Violin-infused rock/metal with tons of stylistic influences

    Extremely excited to finally share this album with you guys! It's the first release I've been part of that I'm truly proud of :) The album is all over the place genre-wise, but with a firm core of rock/metal/punk - you'll find hints of folk, classical, jazz, funk, disco, world, etc. I...
  3. xfilth

    Seeking honest opinions: Is this mix album-worthy?

    Getting to the final stages of mixing my band's debut album and looking for fresh sets of ears to assist me in improving any and all aspects of the mix. The genre is violin/gypsy/folk-infused rock/metal. This particular song has some punk elements. If you wanna skip the intro and jump right...
  4. xfilth

    Need feedback on acoustic drum mix!

    Currently recording the final vocals and violins for my band's debut and I'm starting to dig into the drum mix. I'd like some feedback - I'm not satisfied, but I won't go into detail, so you can tell me your honest opinion. Natural drums with 50% kick blend and 50% snare blend from Superior...
  5. xfilth

    NPD and how I went full retard (B7K pic+clip)

    Alright, so with bass tracking for my band's album being imminent (as in this week), I figured I'd need a mean grit machine - you guessed it, the Darkglass B7K! I went out, purchased it and hurried home, excited like a child on christmas eve! The following inner monologue went something like...
  6. xfilth

    New mixtest - das metal+superior Played with my Schecter Blackjack with ancient strings and Painkillers. AxeII firmware 11. How do you like the mix? I'm always polishing my go-to drum preset and I did a lot of adding/removing cymbals this time. Also finally started...
  7. xfilth

    New (drum) mix - tear it apart, please

    I'm preparing to record a solo EP, so I've been working a lot on my mixes. This evening, I sat down and tried to improve my drum mix (and overall mix) as much as possible. It's all Superior Drummer routed into Reaper and mixed (mainly) with waves plugins. I'm aiming for a huge sound, but still...
  8. xfilth

    Stockholm Syndrome - full Muse cover

    Had a couple of boring hours to kill with my flatmate: (Soundcloud link in video info if you're into that kind of thing!) Let me know what you think about the mix :)
  9. xfilth

    Delete please

    My internet must've hicupped and made 2 topics, sorry
  10. xfilth

    Help me fix my mix/guitar tone

    Listen to this and tell me what is wrong with it (if anything): I've been having a hard time to balance the synth and the guitars without slaughtering the tone of the guitar, but at this point I've kinda lost...
  11. xfilth

    Axe Fx II v10 Powerball clip + preset

    With FW10, the Powerball is FINALLY worth playing on the Axe! About damn time :) Let me know what you think! Preset incl cab:'s%20Ball.rar
  12. xfilth

    Axe Fx FW10 test (ENGL, Diezel, Peavey, Mesa)

    Just made this fast test-run of the new firmware. 1) TS808 -> ENGL Powerball -> German V30 -> no mic 2) TS808 -> Diezel VH4 -> Recto V30 -> SM57 3) TS808 -> Mesa MkIIc+ -> Petrucci V30 -> R121 4) Peavey 5150 III -> PVH6160 -> SM57 5) TS808 ->...
  13. xfilth

    Sound of Muzak full cover This was a fun little project I worked on for a few days on and off. I especially worked on polishing my drum sound Would love some feedback on the mix :) I know my singing is pretty bad :fawk:
  14. xfilth

    Tintin theme with a heavy mix

    Fuck man, I totally nostalgia overdosed while making this short arrange
  15. xfilth

    Golden Sun prog rock arrange

    So, back in August 2011, my friend and I made an arrange of the Venus Lighthouse theme from Golden Sun and posted it here on A lot of people liked it, so we figured we would make another arrange in the same style - so here it is, Mars Lighthouse: Let us know what you think! :)...
  16. xfilth

    Axe Fx II Rectifier demonstration!

    720p! It's a cover of Feared's "Forever Old". Ola Englund is a beast! Any comments are very welcome :)
  17. xfilth

    Mixed a metalcore EP. Looking for feedback

    Mixed a metalcore EP for a young, Swedish metalcore band, Trace the Follower - A playlist for the whole EP can be found here - Trace the Follower - Aspects - YouTube - and is also available on Spotify. If you don't have time to listen to the whole...
  18. xfilth

    Axe Fx Standard/Ultra

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: Axe Fx Standard or Ultra in good working condition. Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Case would be preferred Your Location (City,State or City,Country): Denmark, EU International OK?: Within EU, yes Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM or [email protected] References...
  19. xfilth

    ITT: Axe Fx - Firmware 7 - Gojira

    Just a quick clip using the EVH5150 III sim :) Axe Fx II firmware 7.0 test. Gojira - Mouth of Kala by MattRa on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free