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  1. sol niger 333

    NGD: Jim Root Strato'awesome (updated with better pics)

    Love that 70s headstock and ebony board...still looks classic but menacing, fretwork looks great lose the emgs hngd!!!
  2. sol niger 333

    Post Rock with an Ocean Feel

    oceansize album effloresce
  3. sol niger 333

    NGD Vik baritone 7

    Not a fan of the colour, the top, the body shape, or the split fretboard...Love the headstock and back side though that grain is absolutely gorgeous around the neck thru... and I bet she sounds phenominal!! . :-)
  4. sol niger 333

    This is how close the Axe Fx II can get to a real EVH 5150III: which is which?

    This is great...and also pushed me towards buying the evh 5153...second had more depth to the overtones, less two dimensional if that makes sense, obviously the axefx is a wonderfully diverse tool but is not quiiiite there yet
  5. sol niger 333

    Any SSO Vapers? (Electronic-cigarettes)

    I have a lavatube and aspire nautilus with stainless steel tank...I get so much more smoke than with a cigarette and I'm not spedning $60 a week, I dont smell like shit/have cancer and I can smoke inside!!! ALSO....if you can find 5 pawns GAMBIT flavour....get it Little more expensive than...
  6. sol niger 333

    Any SSO Vapers? (Electronic-cigarettes)

    I love it. Havent touched a cigarette for a month...Except once...and it tasted gross compared to my banoffee pie flavoured e cig! Haha. Cigarettes are $20 a pack in New Zealand so despite it looking a tad uncool it will probably take off.. Although the government might want people hooked on...
  7. sol niger 333

    Guitar has started to feel and sound dull and lost its snappiness

    Put a dehumidifier in a room with the guitar...When wood takes on water via humidity it can get dull sounding
  8. sol niger 333

    Hellyeah fire Greg Tribbett and Bob 'Zilla' Kakaha

    I think Down is the only good thing to come out of Pantera... Rex's new band Kill Devil Hill SUUUCKS it sounds like something off a "wannabe a rockstar" reality tv series. Damageplan was largely ruined by a less than intelligent singer. Obvious lyrics, no painting of mood or use of metaphor...
  9. sol niger 333

    NGD: So Help Me God I'm Keeping This One (EBMM Content)

    Rosewood necks are gorgeous..They feel so incredible to play too. Beauty mate!
  10. sol niger 333

    5150 vs 5150 III. clips?

    It's a tightness thing. The 5153 gets that boosted 5150 tone without a sounds smoother, yet more aggressive at the same time to my ears. I played a 50w side by side with a 5150 block letter through the evh 2x12 and the 5153 really came out a clear winner. The 5150 was loose and grainy...
  11. sol niger 333

    Mastodon Megathread

    One of the cooler moments of hunter
  12. sol niger 333

    Mastodon Megathread

    ^ Curl of The Burl did suck sheit to be fair...I am quietly excited about a return to Crack The Skye form on this new record though...I think it will be good
  13. sol niger 333

    The Downbeat Deathcore (A.K.A "Sludgewave") Thread

    That black tongue track was the heaviest thing I have heard in some time. End of the world sounds, kinda like a darker nastier Emmure or Bury Your Dead with Glen Benton singing after putting a knife in his own throat. Put that "who farted" look on my face Very heavy, sad, angry and dark. I...
  14. sol niger 333

    Hellyeah fire Greg Tribbett and Bob 'Zilla' Kakaha

    Hellyeah fans are like Juggolos... Mentally retarded
  15. sol niger 333

    The Dirty, Angry, Crusty Thread.

    If you want raw and aggressive then this record has it in spades. The album is called Imprint and everyone should have a copy
  16. sol niger 333

    Strapping Young Lad Appreciation

    Aaaaand we have an exact taste match. Terria, Ocean Machine and City...the wonder years...couple of tracks on Ki like Terminal and Coast got me as well as a few from Ghost like Feather but yeah I think he left the real "whole album" magic in 1997 with Ocean Machine and City
  17. sol niger 333

    Strapping Young Lad Appreciation

    City hands down for me. 100% conviction and delivery, not matched since Then to finish with this 100 foot tall gargantuan of a doomy masterpiece. You can taste the isolation, desperation and spite in his voice. The mood in this whole record is palpable. Like Ministry meets Pink Floyd with...
  18. sol niger 333

    Marty Friedman - Inferno (Official Music Video)

    I feel like I have been stuck on a plane with a crying baby after listening to all that noise. Nice ass on the broad though
  19. sol niger 333

    Isis release 10 year anniversary remaster of "Panopticon"

    Very tasteful and worthwhile remaster...a better dynamic range and more tasteful overall eq, especially on guitars. I really like the Far Beyond Driven remaster too. More mids, better low end more clarity and punch, can crank it waaay louder without ear fatigue. A lot of the time remasters go...