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  1. canuck brian

    TRS Floyd rose

    Hi guys - i'm looking for a TRS floyd. Black or chrome. (the crappy one that everyone hates that ends up on cheap guitars - that one. ) :D I'll obviously cover shipping from wherever it's coming from.
  2. canuck brian

    Carvin Holdsworth Hollowbody Fatboy - 450 w case

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Carvin Holdsworth Hollowbody fatboy Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): comes with the poly Carvin case Location (City,State or City,Country): toronto ontario International OK? : USA and Canada preferred...
  3. canuck brian

    NGD: Ibanez JBM100 Jake Bowen Sig (plus pickup swap, neck shim ..)

    Hey guys! I picked this up of Cloudy earlier last week. Guitar showed up absolutely immaculate if you ever wanted to know if you should deal with him btw. Onto pics and stuff! Woo! Before! I like the BK Blackhawks, but i'm not a fan of the look. I had 3 other sets of pickups that i...
  4. canuck brian

    1991 Ibanez S5407 (7 String)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 1991 Ibanez S5407 in black. Ok condition, headstock chip (seen below) Modifications (if any):Duncan Nazgul in the bridge, tone removed, both singles unwired. Price: 700 US - not really looking for trades. I'm about to have 2 new guitars that I...
  5. canuck brian

    Gunmen Attack Canadian Parliament

    Hi guys, We had our Parliament building attacked by multiple gunmen. One gunman confirmed dead [live] Parliament Hill attacked, soldier shot at National War Memorial in Ottawa CBC News Network LIVE - News - CBC Player
  6. canuck brian

    NGD: 1994 PRS Custom 24

    I've always wanted a PRS but i never figured i'd be able to really afford to get the one i walked into the local long and mcquade, saw this, played it and left with it. The serial has it as a 1994 model.
  7. canuck brian

    Strandberg Boden 7 - Washburn/Astral built

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Strandberg Boden 7 (Washburn / Astral Built) Modifications (if any): Nada Accessories (hardshell case etc): strandberg soft/hard carry case Location (City,State or City,Country): Toronto, Ontario International OK? : Canada/US only - buyer pays...
  8. canuck brian

    1991 Ibanez S5407

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Ibanez S5407 7 String Modifications (if any): Duncan Nazgul Accessories (hardshell case etc): hardshell case Location (City,State or City,Country): Toronto Ontario Canada International OK? : Yes - you pay shipping. Contact Info (No Phone #s) -...
  9. canuck brian

    1989 ESP Maverick - 425

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 1989 ESP Maverick, H - S configuration, 24 frets, metallic dark blue finish Modifications (if any): Duncan JB in the bridge Accessories (hardshell case etc): gig bag Location (City,State or City,Country): Toronto ontario canada International OK? ...
  10. canuck brian

    NGD: 1989 ESP Maverick

    I scored this ESP for $400 CDN with a nice gig bag at the Long and McQuade yearly attic sale. Aside from a few little dings, it's in great condition. No paint chips at all. The neck is currently wired for single-only operation as it's got the hum going, but the bridge pickup is an un-badged...
  11. canuck brian

    Steinberger Spirit GU

    What I'm selling: Steinberger Spirit GU with gig bag. Mods: Duncan Invader and some Bill Lawrence pickup. Why I'm selling: It isn't going to get used. References: check my trader rating, Max of Metal, various people on another website about metal guitar players I got this in a trade for...
  12. canuck brian

    NGD - 1991 Ibanez S5407

    I snagged this from the mighty Fred the Shred recently. Plays awesome, just need to get some of that old age out of it. I'll be swapping the pickups for a pair of white Blaze 7 singles and an Aftermath. I might go nuts and have it re-done in white though. THANKS CANADA POST...
  13. canuck brian

    Piezo only bass - thoughts?

    I'm going to be bringing basses into the mix for my builds, but since I've never owned a bass before, the first two will be my personal ones. I was toying with the idea of having one of them with just a piezo hipshot bridge. I haven't really heard many Piezo equipped basses, so just looking...
  14. canuck brian

    Bowes Guitars July - Oct 7 String Run

    Hi guys, If you've been following the big nearly 1000 post thread i've got, you've seen I've got a run of 7 strings that I'm planning with 6 slots available. If not....I have a run of 7 strings planning with 6 slots available! :cool: I'm sending out emails today and tomorrow with the spec...
  15. canuck brian

    7 String BK Aftermath Set

    Hi guys, I've got a calibrated pair of 7 string BK Aftermaths with black bobbins and black pole pieces. Lots of lead left on them, very minimal wear. Includes the original box, coaster (!!) and sticker. $225 shipped within Canada and the US. No trades. :shred: Brian
  16. canuck brian

    Ibanez S540P2

    Hi guys, I've got a pretty much mint Ibanez S540P2 (i think that's the proper name) that really isn't getting much use. Not really looking to sell right now but the selling price would be 725+shipping. Trades - old ESP's, possibly the LTD Page Hamilton model, the old 7 string Ibanez S...
  17. canuck brian

    2 x Nordstrand 8 String humbuckers - still in package

    Hi guys, I've got a matched set of Nordstrand 8 string humbuckers that I'm looking to move. They haven't been used at all. Pics later tonight, but i'm looking to get 175 for the pair + shipping.
  18. canuck brian

    7 string White ESP Eclipse

    Searched around, didn't see it posted. This is pretty much exactly what I'd get from ESP minus he EMGs if I were to get anything from them.
  19. canuck brian

    New Bowes 8 build

    Hi guys, Finally got my shop almost up and running, but I've done some work regardless. 8 string, 27 inch scale, 25 fret, 2 nordstrands, 1 vol, 1 3 way. Rosewood/Limba/Rosewood core w/ bookmatched maple top rosewood/maple/zirocote/maple/bocote neck with a figured maple headstock...