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  1. Ralyks

    D.H. Peligro passes away Fucking legend in the Punk scene. This blows.
  2. Ralyks

    Your Albums of 2022 (So Far)

    Yup, it's that time of the year. The halfway point. Your favorite albums of 2022 so far. Name 'em. Final Light - Final Light Greg Puciato - Mirrorcell Cave In - Heavy Pendulum Moon Tooth - Phototroph Immolation - Acts of God Meshuggah - Immutable Sundowning - In The Light Of Defeat, I Cease To...
  3. Ralyks

    Do 6 string Fishman Moderns require routing?

    So I recently dropped one of my Strandbergs off to my tech to get a Fishman Keith Merrow set out in. I got them because they're open core, so I figured no routing. But my tech said he thinks non-soapbar Fishmans (basically the ones with tabs) wouldn't require any routing. Can anyone confirm...
  4. Ralyks

    NGD: Strandberg Boden Prog NX 6 in Forest Green

    Or as I call her, the Forest Nymph. Man this thing plays awesome, and it's a great edition to my Strandberg family. Have her set for Eb and Drop C#, and will be sending it to the tech to install a tremol-no and a set of Keith Merrow Fishman pickups after the holiday weekend.
  5. Ralyks

    "This Is Spinal Tap" getting a sequel

    Oh. My. God.
  6. Ralyks

    Trevor Strnad dead at 41 Holy shit...
  7. Ralyks

    Final Light (Perturbator and Johannes from Cult of Luna)

    I never new this was the collaboration I desperately needed in my life, but here we are. Very Vertikal but with Freakin' Perturbator. Loving this track and high hopes for the album.
  8. Ralyks

    Record Store Day 2022

    Happy RSD 2022 y'all. Anyone else get some good stuff?
  9. Ralyks

    Epic Games buys Bandcamp... Wait, what? This is uhh, left field.
  10. Ralyks


    I never thought we’d get new Vio-lence tunes, but they are back and ripping shit up with riff after riff after goddamn riff from Phil Demmel and Bobby goddamn Gustafson, Perry Strickland awesome drumming, Christin Olde Wolbers…. And Sean Killian still sounding like a goddamn maniac. This EP is...
  11. Ralyks

    Pat Martino has died.

    An absolute genius of the instrument and the genre. This sucks.
  12. Ralyks

    Eric Greif (manager for Death) has died. Kind of makes me wonder what happens to Chucks estate moving forward. And wasn't Eric the one who keeps up with Deaths social media?
  13. Ralyks

    Good COMPACT multi guitar stand

    Can anyone recommend a good multi-guitar stand, for let's say 5 guitars (basically Strandbergs)? And I do mean compact. in my apartment isn't very big. Or even medium.
  14. Ralyks

    NGD Part Deux: Strandberg Boden Masvidalien

    As previous mentioned, I have a total of 3 NGDs. This is number two, and would you like at that, it's another Strandberg (spoiler: NGD 3 isn't a Strandberg). And it's a pretty kick-ass Masvidalian. Threw some heavier strings on there and it's my D Standard/Drop C guitar. Thought about replacing...
  15. Ralyks

    NGD Part 1: Strandberg Original 7 Trem Poplar Burl Vintage Burst

    So here is the first of THREE NGD’s, because I got a new job that pays decent and of course I make a jackass move and replenish my guitar army. I saw this one posted on the Strandberg Facebook group, and pretty much needed it. Then the NX line was announced the next day…. Anyway, here ya go...
  16. Ralyks

    Your albums of 2021 (So far...)

    Well, were halfway through the year. So, what have you been jamming the first half of the year so far? What's your current favorite album? What are you anticipating the most for the second half of the year? I like these threads as it helps me catch up on what I may have missed. Anyway, as for...
  17. Ralyks

    Happy Record Store Day 2021

    Anyone go out for RSD? Got this haul, plus ordered Sleep Token's "Jaws/The Way That You Were" 10 inch from Europe.
  18. Ralyks

    Sir Sean Connery has died. I hate you so much 2020. Rest in peace, THE 007. Looks like I'm watching Goldfinger tonight...
  19. Ralyks

    Aesop Rock - Spirit World Field Guide

    New Aesop never disappoints. Got the vinyl and album art t-shirt on preorder. Aesop is one of the greatest emcees of our time, change my mind.
  20. Ralyks

    My son's uncle in a Priest tribute band is competing with other Priest tribute bandd Not sure where to post this, but if it's not suppose to go here, feel free to move or delete. My son's uncle (his mother cousins, whoever) fronts Call For The Priest in Buffalo, NY. They kick ass and he...