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  1. Necky379

    I Put Slug Pole-pieces In My Invader 7

    Awhile back I decided to swap all the hex cap bolts out on my Invader for slug poles. I ended up installing a couple other pickups while it was out. I decided now would be a good time to try it while I have a regular Invader installed in another Stef model to compare it to.
  2. Necky379

    NAD a Triple Rectifier

    This kind of fell into my lap, I had no intentions of acquiring a full blown Mesa Triple but decided why not last week. Anyway, this one is a keeper. This is the sound I think of when I want to hear Recto. A couple pots are a little scratchy and it’s got some nicks here and there but it’s in...
  3. Necky379

    New Speakers Fane Ascension F25 in 1960TV

    Avatar is shipping the new Fane line in the US and I picked up a pair of F25’s to replace the greenbacks in my 1960TV cab. They did a full break-in before shipping and I took the opportunity to solder 12 awg wire while installing them. I’ve only played my 5150 through them so far. I like to...
  4. Necky379

    NAD 2005 3 tube Splawn Quick Rod

    I searched everywhere for a fairly priced Quick Rod and ended up finding a 3 tube one locally. This thing produces the greatest hot Marshall tones I’ve experienced. It’s quirky, loud and sounds incredible. I’m just thrilled with it and wanted to share.
  5. Necky379

    New Pickups in RG570 old MJ JB / Monstertone / Screamin Demon

    Something a little different, I tried a Screamin Demon in the neck spot. I’ve never played one before but it sounds really good there to me. My favorite has always been a Pearly Gates in the neck but I think I’ve settled on this as a higher output go to. I swapped the pole pieces because I...
  6. Necky379

    Schecter Apocalypse humbucker installed in ESP

    I responded in another thread suggesting someone consider one of these and thought I’d create a thread for it. I installed it over the weekend and have gotten to spend some time with it now. I gave a brief description in the other thread. It sounds bright, very clear and articulate. I really...
  7. Necky379

    Picked up an ART DST 8080 with a Headshell

    There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of information about these out there. I’m assuming it’s meant to be a JMP-1 alternative? There was an ART pedal that had the Xtreme channel too I know. It sounds like a high gain modded Marshall to me on the Xtreme channel, Scream is closer to MP-1 level...
  8. Necky379

    Framus Cobra won’t switch channels

    I turned on my Cobra today to find it stuck on the “crunch” channel. I could have worse problems but it’s frustrating nevertheless. I tried removing the footswitch, neither the footswitch or the buttons on the front of the amp with change the channels. I have fired it up in a couple months but...
  9. Necky379

    Looking for a Certain Bluesy Rock Tone

    If anyone recognizes what I’m describing I’m looking for a tone I hear on tracks every so often. Most recently I was in a bar, a song comes on and had me floored. I tried googling some lyrics on the down low to find the song without seeming uninterested in the conversation I was half paying...
  10. Necky379

    Is Neural Releasing an SLO?
  11. Necky379

    Discontinued Gear that Needs to Go Back into Production

    My mind was just wandering at work and I was thinking how it can be a bit frustrating to track down discontinued gear. I was thinking specifically of an Evans drum head I like that is no longer in production but then the thought occurred to me that there are a few items I wish would come back...
  12. Necky379

    Enjoying the new ETID tracks

    The one released 11 hours ago has an At the Drive In vibe I’m digging. The tracks from December contain not only riffage but cool drumming and some tasty guitar/bass tones. I’m getting really excited for their 9th (!) album.
  13. Necky379

    PRS trem specs, I need a measurement please

    Can someone with a trem equipped PRS please measure the distance between the screws going into the body? I’m about to buy one for my latest project and that’s my only concern for fit.
  14. Necky379

    In from Austria, NPD THE Bloody Murder...and some new tunes!

    On my way out so I won’t get to try it out until tonight but for now, here’s some pics! I searched and searched and found one in Austria. This gentleman included a CD of his band as well Liquid Steel. I’ll be listening to the album today and trying out the Bloody Murder tonight!
  15. Necky379

    Riff War and Riff Sharing on Discord We’re trying to get a “riff war” going on Discord if anyone is interested. So far there’s some riff sharing happening and guitar pics. Just putting it out there.
  16. Necky379

    New Pickup, Jalen neck hum for SRC-7

    My new Jalens just showed up. They look great, I don’t expect I’ll have time to install them before Friday but I’m really excited to get them in and hear them. I got a Madman for the RG570 I’ve been working on and a 7 string Pearly Gates clone. The PG clone is going in the middle position of my...
  17. Necky379

    Any Pickups I Should Be Considering? Wolfgang Alternatives

    I picked up an abused ‘97 RG570 really cheap locally with the intention of parting it out. While I had it apart I refinished the neck and shaped it a bit while I was sanding. I can’t bring myself to sell it now, I want to restore and play the thing. I miss the RG550 I had and up until this piece...
  18. Necky379

    The New Devildriver Track

    It’s been out a few days but I don’t see a thread. My friend just sent me this, the guitar track is so sick. What do you think?
  19. Necky379

    WTB Peavey Wolfgang Bridge Pickup

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: looking for a stock Peavey bridge pickup Modifications (if any): stock Accessories (hardshell case etc): na Location (City,State or City,Country): USA International OK? : sure Contact Info (No Phone #s) message me here References (eBay or other forum...
  20. Necky379

    FT Reaper Pandemonium for Bloody Murder

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: V1 Reaper Pandemonium John Browne sig overdrive want to trade for Bloody Murder OD Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): None Location (City,State or City,Country): USA International OK? : Prefer not to ship internationally...